Really quick notice of delay for Piano no Mori. Encode started later than usual and we just found out a couple hours ago that the audio in our cap was borked. We got a v2 cap about 30 minutes ago buuuut the cap ended a tad too early. Timer can’t time until we have working frame-perfect audio, editor can’t edit until there’s a timed script (for accurate cps,) tl won’t be awake when editor finishes to finalize the script, and I also have work tomorrow from early morning to evening. We’re waiting on our v3 cap now. Expect a 24-48 hour delay, minimum.


Pinky promise me?

Our editor was free on the day it aired and despite the delay in getting our cap, we were still almost able to pull a sub 24 hour release. Still, sub 48 hours isn’t too bad, right?
Houseki no Kuni manga chapter tomorrow but it’s the first chapter that’s come out in the middle of the week when I actually have class. Let’s hope that doesn’t interfere with release time too much.

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Music runes! (also I’m really curious if the pages here are actual music or if the animation studio just scribbled some nonsensical garbage that only looks like it could be actual sheet music)

The end of the semester is upon us and the staff working on this are starting to get slammed by coursework deadlines and studying for upcoming exams, so episode was delayed a bit. Hopefully after the next couple episodes we can start getting it out quicker.
Netflix actually had the preview this week so I didn’t need to splice in NHK-G, but we’re still using NHK-G audio because Netflix audio just isn’t good.

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Nice, relaxing break from the edge that is Magical Girl Site.

We’re doing this too since Netflix a shit.
Big thanks especially to Myaamori and Pikminiman for making this possible!
TL note after the break.
Nexflix JP video merged with NHK-G preview since Netflix trimmed that out and NHK-G audio.
Next episode should be out quicker. We didn’t even know we were doing this until a day or three after it aired then had to deal with first episode kinks and finding a team.

Magical Girl Site’s in the pipeline. See sidebar for latest status.

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