So, my class is over with and Himitsu’s back from vacation buuuut they’re now recovering from medical complications. Welp. I actually don’t know how long this will last. In the meantime, I’m doing everything on my end of the workload, so when they’re able to edit, they can and afterwords I can immediately QC and release. Other than that, I’m now working minimum 40 hours a week Tuesday-Saturday, so future MGS episodes might be delayed a bit if/when we catch up. Not sure how bad the delay would be yet though. Piano no Mori should be unaffected because it airs on Sunday when I don’t have work.

Also, if you happened to have bought the second Junji Ito DVD volume, get in touch with us as it comes with the OVA that we plan on subbing. Thanks.

Get ready for EDGE!

Video is partially scene filtered Amazon h264 merged with Amazon h265 edges. Fancy!

So uh, this episode was edited and TLCed but I’m not sure what next week will be.

Delays brought to you by typical first episode kinks (song tl, styling, making guidelines, figuring out workflow, etc) on top of me being a riajuu for a whole four hours.

Himitsu told me they were just doing song tl, but, upon uploading song tl scripts, told me they had “accidentally” edited/tlced the entire episode on top of tling signs that Amazon didn’t translate. No idea if they intend to do the same going forward, but the tag will be changed to [PAR] (Post Apocalyptic Raws) or something if they don’t intend to keep it up.

patch for fonts
XDCC Trigger: !site01
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