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BD extra included with BD vol.4. It’s an animatic of the entire second half of episode 8. The script’s had a second pass by our editor.

As for our BD releases of the individual episodes, it’s stalled at the guy we have doing a second edit/QC pass. It’ll probably be another month or two until we get 02 out.

Are you hype for new chapter next week?

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So pretty~

This has been ready for a couple weeks but we were waiting until 02 was done but I thought I could get it out now because I still don’t have Junji Ito ready for release.

There isn’t really much difference from the Amazon video quality and BD, honestly. Just more grain and really, really tiny details were better kept. I didn’t even notice any BD fixes or things that changed in the bd.

The script has had a second edit/QC pass.

Four sub tracks – masculine pronouns and genderneutral pronouns with heavy and light kfx tracks for each with masculine and heavy kfx the default.

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See you in a couple months for 02!

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Take this.
Included in the root folder is a translated track listing from our translator (who also updated vgmdb with the translations a day or two ago, in case you’re wondering why it’s the same) and included in the Disk 02 folder are a translation for Kyoumen no Nami and two translations for Liquescimus . One of the translations for Liquescimus is refined so that you can sing it in English if you wanted.

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I-It’s not like I want to team up with you, b-baka!

And so, our last winter 2017 pick comes to a close. Really sad it’s over. Staff comments after the break.
We’ll do BDs eventually. The guy we have QCing/doing a second edit pass is notoriously slow so it’ll probably be a while.
Also the editor/TLC will probably be busy until Junji Ito: Collection airs so no eta on the TV batch either. UPDATE: the tl will apparently be gone until a couple days after Junji Ito: Collection airs. Gomenasorry. Expect the first episode to be not as fast as it normally would.

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