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Included in the root folder is a translated track listing from our translator (who also updated vgmdb with the translations a day or two ago, in case you’re wondering why it’s the same) and included in the Disk 02 folder are a translation for Kyoumen no Nami and two translations for Liquescimus . One of the translations for Liquescimus is refined so that you can sing it in English if you wanted.

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This show’s comfy as fuck.

Surprise pickup joint with our friends at MTBB!

Video is sourced from Wakanim and dehardsubbed with Amazon.co.jp web-dl. Looks a bit better than Sentai and smaller size to boot! Audio’s E-AC-3 from Amazon.co.jp web-dl.

Next week should be faster because this actually wasn’t planned and now we have the first episode kinks worked out. (besides the OP which we didn’t get this episode)


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Here’s our pick of the season! Sorry it took us a while.The first episode of series usually do but this time even more so because the editor/tlc was away on vacation until a couple days after it aired and then had stuff to do when they came back.

Video sourced from Crunchy Roll’s crf stream with spliced Hulu for decensoring. Audio is from WOWOW. Next week should be a more reasonable release time now that kinks have been worked out and the editor/tlc is back. We’re doing crf CR spliced with WOWOW and WOWOW audio next week and if it turns out Hulu’s “complete” edition has more content than WOWOW, we’ll v2 but in episode one, I saw no difference between the two. Hulu is two days delayed by the way. The show was animated in 900p hence the 900p encode.

I feel like this is going to be asked a lot so let me explain. The encode is 2GB+ because

  1. It’s 900p and with grain.
  2. I added grain in an attempt to recoup the grain that CR killed from the master to closer match the amount of grain present in WOWOW (what would be the superior source if not for the MPEG2 artifacts) which I believe is closer to what the studio intended.
  3. The grain is dynamic.
  4. I kept the grain.
  5. Grain.

You could argue it’s 1GB of added bloat but my stance is that it’s closer to what the studio envisioned/intended. It’s not grain added by the studio to hide banding; it’s grain added as a stylistic effect and I believe a horror series is better with the dynamic grain kept if the studio added it themselves. I believe denoising/degraining and replacing with static grain would be doing the animation an injustice in this specific case.


TL: Crunchy Roll
Edit/TLC: 秘密
Song TL: 秘密
Time: KoolKidsK
TS: KoolKidsK
OP/ED Styling: Colgatto
OP/ED kfx: Leona
Encode: KoolKidsK


tl;dr first episode should be delayed a couple days and also we plan on doing the two-part OVA bundled with the last two DVD volumes. Ramblings and details below


Due to staff unavailability, the first episode of Junji Ito: Collection should be delayed a couple days after air. Now that that’s out of the way, we’re a little confused as to what’s going on with the series.

So it airs 1/5 at 22:30 JST on the satellite channel WOWOW and WOWOW’s site proudly displays that it will be airing an R15+ edition of the anime. Junji Ito: Collection’s official website states that it will be put up on several Japanese VOD streaming services and having an airing on Tokyo MX two days later followed by an airing on AT-X three days after that.

Now, I have no idea if Crunchy Roll, Tokyo MX,  AT-X or any of the Japanese streaming services will be getting the uncensored/non-R15+ edition but I secured a cap from every station along with a Hulu web-dl to compare and see if any source has any less censoring than another source. A buddy of ours has confirmed listings on the epg and found that WOWOW’s listing specifically states it will be an R15+ edition while the AT-X and Tokyo MX listings don’t mention any R15+ edition wording. MX is usually super censored and PG as far as I understand so I don’t really understand why it’d get a non-R15+ edition. AT-X’s website also doesn’t have any wording to suggest it will be getting a special copy that no other stations are getting.

Another thing that confuses me is that fact Tokyo MX seems to be getting priority in the show’s marketing despite WOWOW airing it two days early. I’d think if WOWOW has presumably paid a premium to have the series broadcasted on their channel first, they’d also get preference in the show’s marketing (see: twitter account tweets, twitter account bio and even the show’s own website acting like Tokyo MX is the only thing that matters and WOWOW’s kinda just there also) but idk. I really don’t get it. We’ll be using the highest quality source we can get and I plan on splicing uncensored scenes from an inferior source with the superior source if things turn out that way.

Oh, another thing. So a two-part OVA will be bundled with the last two DVD volumes of the series and yes, we plan on doing them, presumably with an original TL because I doubt CR will get them. And yes, DVD volumes. What the fuck it’s 2018 why have they only announced DVDs I don’t get it fuck you Japan they’re even the same price as regular BDs


Anyway, see you guys later.

Happy New Year! I wanted to get this out for Christmas but that didn’t work out so take it as a new year’s present instead.

Encodes are scene filtered and descaled to the resolution the anime was animated at, 864p.

Only I think one change to the script that somehow wasn’t caught in the TV batch.

I don’t know what changed from TV/WEB to BD but I think I remember doing a frame comparison or two and the BD picture quality’s just a little bit sharper and you can see just a little more details because of it.

This is the uncut version, of course.

XDCC Triggers will be added/updated probably tomorrow sometime but it’s on the bot already.