I-It’s not like we want to!

Due to staff unavailability, expect delays for Magical Girl Site and possibly for Piano no Mori. I have an exam on Tuesday and a final the following week and other staff are going to be unavailable. I might be able to get people to cover for Piano no Mori but certainly not MGS.

But hey, if nothing’s delayed then great. Not sure how things are going to go down yet, but it should only be for the next two weeks, I think.

Side note, we got our BD in for the Haikara movie. Jeez, the amount of aliasing or otherwise compositing errors present in the video is terrible. Translator’s unavailable and told me they won’t be able to finish it anytime soon though.

EDIT: After watching MGS 04, I can confirm that there’s a very, very high chance I won’t be able to typeset the signs until at least after my exam. The editor/TLC is unavailable anyway and a couple of the signs need translating before I could even typeset them anyway. The staff on Piano no Mori have told me the ship won’t sink, so we should be good there. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Pinky promise me?

Our editor was free on the day it aired and despite the delay in getting our cap, we were still almost able to pull a sub 24 hour release. Still, sub 48 hours isn’t too bad, right?
Houseki no Kuni manga chapter tomorrow but it’s the first chapter that’s come out in the middle of the week when I actually have class. Let’s hope that doesn’t interfere with release time too much.

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Top qt 3.14!

Sorry for the delay. Shit happens. ED2 and insert translated. ED2 tled from official lyrics.

I’m really curious if the new ED is just for this episode or if they’re going to reuse it.

Also, there’s apparently an entire character song album in addition to the OST that’s going to be sold so I wonder if they’ll continue to slip in teasers from it throughout the series. God I hope not.

EDIT: forgot to mention. Little terminology change. We’re now calling the magic “stick” a magic wand. Previous episodes will be changed to reflect this decision for the end of series batch.

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Music runes! (also I’m really curious if the pages here are actual music or if the animation studio just scribbled some nonsensical garbage that only looks like it could be actual sheet music)

The end of the semester is upon us and the staff working on this are starting to get slammed by coursework deadlines and studying for upcoming exams, so episode was delayed a bit. Hopefully after the next couple episodes we can start getting it out quicker.
Netflix actually had the preview this week so I didn’t need to splice in NHK-G, but we’re still using NHK-G audio because Netflix audio just isn’t good.

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