Music runes! (also I’m really curious if the pages here are actual music or if the animation studio just scribbled some nonsensical garbage that only looks like it could be actual sheet music)

The end of the semester is upon us and the staff working on this are starting to get slammed by coursework deadlines and studying for upcoming exams, so episode was delayed a bit. Hopefully after the next couple episodes we can start getting it out quicker.
Netflix actually had the preview this week so I didn’t need to splice in NHK-G, but we’re still using NHK-G audio because Netflix audio just isn’t good.

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Nice, relaxing break from the edge that is Magical Girl Site.

We’re doing this too since Netflix a shit.
Big thanks especially to Myaamori and Pikminiman for making this possible!
TL note after the break.
Nexflix JP video merged with NHK-G preview since Netflix trimmed that out and NHK-G audio.
Next episode should be out quicker. We didn’t even know we were doing this until a day or three after it aired then had to deal with first episode kinks and finding a team.

Magical Girl Site’s in the pipeline. See sidebar for latest status.

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Never thought I’d say this but, apparently, we’re in need of an editor and typesetter for future projects, namely Piano no Mori if we talk about the immediate future. Typesetters are required to have prior experience because we (I) don’t have the patience or time to train you. Editors require no experience but must possess native-level proficiency.

What an editor does:

  • Make dialogue flow better
  • Fix grammatical errors
  • Improve character voice

What an editor does not do:

  • Run spell check and call it a day

It’s better if you’re really good at creative writing.

Anyway, either hit us up at pas.fansubs[AT]gmail[DOT]com, leave a comment with an email you’d like to be contacted through in the email field, hit us up on IRC at, or hit me up on Discord if that’s more your thing at koolkidsk#5112. You will be tested if applying for editor.


Get ready for EDGE!

Video is partially scene filtered Amazon h264 merged with Amazon h265 edges. Fancy!

So uh, this episode was edited and TLCed but I’m not sure what next week will be.

Delays brought to you by typical first episode kinks (song tl, styling, making guidelines, figuring out workflow, etc) on top of me being a riajuu for a whole four hours.

Himitsu told me they were just doing song tl, but, upon uploading song tl scripts, told me they had “accidentally” edited/tlced the entire episode on top of tling signs that Amazon didn’t translate. No idea if they intend to do the same going forward, but the tag will be changed to [PAR] (Post Apocalyptic Raws) or something if they don’t intend to keep it up.

patch for fonts
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Here’s this. Joint with MTBB. Motbob/MTBB plans on doing BDs and the OVA and I have no idea if we (PAS) are contributing to that.


Encoding: KoolKidsK
TL (dialogue): Wakanim et al.
TL (songs): 秘密, Unbased
TLC: Unbased
Everything else: motbob
Special Thanks: Nala_Alan

XDCC: !hakumei## (eg !hakumei01) (triggers not yet updated for batch v2s)

Relive the suffering!

BD extra included with BD vol.4. It’s an animatic of the entire second half of episode 8. The script’s had a second pass by our editor.

As for our BD releases of the individual episodes, it’s stalled at the guy we have doing a second edit/QC pass. It’ll probably be another month or two until we get 02 out.

Are you hype for new chapter next week?

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