Beastars – 10

Slightly worse audio from Netflix this week, as the TV audio was unusable due to an earthquake warning.

Some have expressed concern regarding our choice to localize “Shishigumi” as “Leo Group” due to the possible double meaning of the name. After some internal discussion, we have decided to stick with the name, as we were unable to come up with something satisfying in English that captures both meanings. We would rather use something that at least captures the main meaning than something that (to an English-speaking audience) captures neither, as leaving it untranslated would. Also, as far as we have been able to see no plot point actually hinges on the double meaning of the name. Of course, we may decide to change this for the batch if we do manage to come up with something that captures both meanings in English; we’re always open to suggestions (though please do avoid spoilers in the comments).

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TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased
Edit: rcombs
Timing: Pikminiman
Typesetting: joletb
Encode: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: joletb (ED), Akatsukin (OP)
QC: Pikminiman


  1. Sorry if I’m saying something wrong, but is Shishigumi suposed to be a pun on Lion + Shinsengumi? Is that the second meaning you were talking about? If that’s the case, would it be a reasonable translation something like Liongumi? It just occured to me…Sorry if it’s bad xD

    1. No, it’s Japanese wordplay regarding two words both pronounced “shishi” in Japanese. I won’t expand much more on it here, though, since it would constitute spoilers for what will likely be the season finale.

  2. Thanks for the subs! While I’m in the group that prefers the name of the “shishigumi” stay untranslated, I completely respect your choice of leaving in the translation to “Leo group.” While I don’t personally enjoy it, I don’t know if you could find any better translation at all. Perhaps maybe “Leo gang” could work better in my eyes, but then again I know nothing about Japanese and how the best way to translate these things works. Again, I really appreciate you guys taking the time to provide a very quality fansub of this show. Really looking forward to seeing this to the end. Take care!

  3. You made the right choice. People who complain about localization don’t understand that these subs are intended for an English audience, and if they still want their unlocalized, utterly-meaningless choice, they can choose to learn Japanese or modify the subs themselves. Thanks so much for your continuous effort!

  4. Thanks!

    Not sure if there is a meaning behind double-meaning “heh” of the name. I just hope that you’ll share it, once/if it becomes relevant/non-spoilery. You can hear them say “Shishigumi” just fine and it doesn’t really tell me anything as wouldn’t the untranslated sub.

  5. Wait, “Shishigumi” doesn’t only mean “Lion Group” or something? What’s the other meaning? Please tell me, I don’t understand much Japanese.

  6. I think it should be considered that those of use seeking out ‘proper’ fansubs, do have a bit more knowledge of Japan than the average Crunchyroll subscriber. “-gumi” immediately suggested it’s a Yakuza, and imho the better translation if you /needed/ it would be a title that suggest they’re Mafia/Comorra-style mobsters, which “Leo Group” doesn’t really do (“Leo Society”? “Leo Syndicate”?). Likewise, we know what Zaibatsu and Keiretsu are, and leaving that in would’ve suggested that Oguma was a /seriously/ powerful person– and how the background world of Beastars borrows from classic Japanese crime media.

    1. “Kumi” is certainly used more generally than that, and “group” here is meant euphemistically. Still, the suggestions are appreciated, and I’ve forwarded them to the editor. I do like the sound of “syndicate” myself, but we’ll see what we end up with for the batch.

      I wouldn’t make the same assumptions about knowledge of Japanese as you, though. We try to make our subtitles as accessible as possible, as we have no intention of gatekeeping anime (and I personally have a strong distaste for Japanglish for stylistic reasons). For instance, someone on Nyaa commented that they’re watching this show with friends who are not familiar with Japanese. Also, just because you think something is common knowledge doesn’t mean it actually is; for instance, as someone who is very economically illiterate indeed, I was not familiar with what a zaibatsu was prior to this episode.

  7. Sorry for the dumb question, but now that the group was kinda explained by Panda, wouldn’t something more like “Leo Family” be a better approach? I know it only implies one of the meanings at best, but it covers my main qualm with the “group” translation which is that it sounds too similar to the “Horns Group”.

    1. We did consider “Leo Family”, but the editor felt that it too strongly evokes imagery of the Italian mafia in particular, and would seem out of place here. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    1. Thanks, that one we actually did spot already. In fact I even updated the automation we use for merging dialogue and typesetting to ensure it never happens again.

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