Beastars – 07

Beautiful post-OP sequence this week, absolutely blew me away. – Myaamori

Special thanks to Pik and motbob.

MPV is the only player we support. No support will be given for any other player. If something else happens to work, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not our problem.

#[email protected]

Recruiting competent translators to save more anime. Contact KoolKidsK on IRC or KoolKidsK#8146 on discord if interested.

On XDCC at some point

TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased

Edit: rcombs
Timing: TsUNaMy WaVe
Typesetting: joletb
Encode: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: joletb (ED), Akatsukin (OP)
QC: Pikminiman


    1. Are you using mpv? Check the crc too. Note we only offer support if you’re using mpv. Nobody else has reported this and the QCer QCed off the premux so it’s most likely on your side.

      1. Yep I’m using mpv. I just deleted the file and re-downloaded the episode; that seemed to fixed whatever weirdness was going on.

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