Beastars – 03

When the progress goes down, please don’t worry! The bot is hosted on a shitty VPS with like 1GB RAM. When it runs out of RAM, it crashes and the side bar is left blank until someone restarts it.

This week’s delay brought to you by business trips.

MPV is the only player we support. No support will be given for any other player. If something else happens to work, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not our problem.

On XDCC at some point

TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased
Edit: rcombs
Timing: TsUNaMy WaVe
Typesetting: joletb
Encode: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: joletb
QC: Melancholy



    1. You get a lot of people asking why something doesn’t work in e.g. VLC otherwise, sometimes with a rather combative attitude, so we need to be clear and upfront with what video players our releases are intended for.

          1. Interesting. MPV is garbage but I never have issues with VLC so I don’t understand what peoples issues are 🤔 But you guys do enough work (for free) anyway so it’s understandable you don’t offer support

          2. mpv
            using vlc
            my only problem with it is that to customize it you have to do it in a settings file

  1. Thanks for the subs!! Caught a few minor errors:

    @ 02:33: shouldn’t it be “It did seem like she was experienced.”?
    @ 02:39: “She’ll swallow someone like you whole” blah blah

    Again, thanks so much! Really appreciate the work y’all are doing.

    1. The reason for delay in release is almost never for ED. It’s usually for other stuff. It doesn’t take very long to do styling for the ED because we don’t go all out with complex karaoke effects. It’s usually just relatively simple styling. Delay in release is due to time zones and work schedules most times.

      EDIT: v2s are also a pain in the ass to release and we’d prefer to stick to just v2ing for end of series batch if at all possible.

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