Beastars – 01

Next episode should be faster now that we kinda have a better idea how our workflow will be, plus we had to deal with first episode kinks on top of this episode dropping when we didn’t expect it to. No ED translation because we couldn’t confidently make it out. There will be a translation once official lyrics are out. Audio is from Netflix because TV hadn’t aired at the time. Next week and on will be Netflix video and TV audio.

On XDCC at some point

TL: Myaamori
TLC: Unbased
Edit: rcombs
Timing: TsUNaMy WaVe
Typesetting: joletb
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: Melancholy
Special thanks to Pikminiman for helping us with theater terminology and motbob for stripping a font


  1. Man alive, I loved this first ep! Studio Orange once again proving themselves to be the master of CG. Loved the camera work too. Thank you so much for saving us from Netflix jail!

  2. Great anime and great subbing. Thanks for taking the next step and doing all the little background details too, I just love seeing that much care being put into this kind of stuff!

    1. The credits list an insert called “Many Stories” sung by Chica and composed by Satoru Kosaki, that’s probably what you’re looking for.

    1. We do not. No interest in policing/managing/modding a Discord server and the type of people and the amount of people it’d bring. We have an IRC channel though. You could just set up an RSS feed on Nyaa for our releases though.

    1. It’s looking like tomorrow. It seems that normally, it’d be tonight or earlier but we got what seems to be official lyrics for the OP this week on top of the ED so first episode kinks were extended to episode two to deal with song translation and styling. That won’t be a factor for 03+.

    1. We don’t give etas since they’re pointless since something unexpected could happen that we have no control over. You can track the status in the sidebar though.

    1. Oh, I get what you mean now. We plan on releasing the episode without an OP translation very soon. We’re planning on v2ing the episode with a translated OP a couple days after it’s out.

  3. I am new to this site and have been trying to see this video, but it is only showing video. Is that how it’s supposed to be or am I doing something wrong?

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