Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight – Vol.1 [BD] [Chyuu-PAS]

Sorry it’s not the BD release you might’ve been expecting, but oh well.

Penguin Highway QC-kun tells us he’s almost done and that he’ll finish today because he has the day off, so HOPEFULLY he comes through.

Now has dual tracks. No honorifics with language flag eng default with the secondary honorifics track on enm. Have your player prioritize enm to have the honorifics track play by default if you want them.

Let us know if you find anything and we’ll fix for the batch BD release. This has some updated TS and superior video to our TV release, along with some additional batch fixes that we were told about and an additional QC pass.

Now for the nerd shit: this series is animated at a variable resolution, usually somewhere between 844p and 849p or something but I’ve also seen some outliers a little lower and a little higher. The upscale from the studio is hot garbage. To remedy this, I was provided with a script from my buddy kageru that tests the native res of each frame and descales to the one with the lowest relative error and then reupscales to 1080p with a superior resizing algorithm, or leaves the default 1080p scaling from the studio if the error’s too high. That also dealt with some of the aliasing present. Other than that, light denoise and deband. Some of the scenes probably needed an actual degrain (the revues come to mind or anything that’s really dark) but my encoding server couldn’t handle doing that on top of everything else in the script (plus I was losing too much detail for my liking iirc), but this should be good enough. The native 1080p elements (eg text overlays) needed AA and then I also went back and scene filtered scenes (or parts of scenes) that set off my autism when I watched during my QC pass.

XDCC sometime later

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