Carole & Tuesday – 16

Drop Mars etc

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Lann wrote some things about this episode after the break.

Mild spoilers for this episode ahead.

This might have been my favourite episode thus far, helped by the beautiful reference to Whitney Houston. I first noticed it in her voice, and further by her situation: Flora without a doubt draws heavily from Whitney’s life, and even slips into a similar tragedy. It was awful for Whitney to be lost in the circumstances that she was, yet heartwarming for this fictional version of her to perhaps have been saved by Carole and Tuesday. I can’t say for certain what the director’s intentions were here, but I’m happy this story was handled with such respect.



TL: Myaamori
TLC: kumo8
Edit: Lann
Timing: Alen
Song Styling: colgatto
“Typesetting”: Myaamori (lol)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: QQwerty


  1. Now the subs are
    Subtitle: Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: English [eng] (ass) [default]]

    So the
    Subtitle: Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: ass [default]]
    in episode 15 are clearly a mistake made by PAS

    Drop Encoding, Drop QC

    But who cares ?
    As long as you get enough “Thank you” Boys and Girls, nobody at PAS seems to care.

    Dear Guys at PAS, yes, I know you’re doing this for free, but I have the right to complain if something in your work doesn’t seem OK.
    But if you can’t stand any criticism, don’t release any Fansubs and stay out of the Internet.

    1. They simply forgot to set the track language to English. That’s not a serious mistake, what the fuck is wrong with you? No, you don’t have any right to complain and should get the fuck out.

    2. You’re a moron, it takes literally two seconds to change the track language. Drag the mkv into mkvtoolnix. Set the subtitle track to english and hit mux… wow, that was hard. There’s a lot of things to remember and when the release only has one subtitle track not setting the language isn’t even a big deal. Go fuck yourself.

    3. I’ve stopped replying to you and started banning the IPs you use. That’s super minor and actually works in MPV by default. We also noticed that before you even pointed it out. You’re a waste of breath and a manchild. That’s a small batch fix and not worthy of an emergency v2. Know that I will probably never reply to you again and am considering banning your ISP.

      You admitted to not using MPV. Why would we bother replying when you can’t even read the post that says we only support MPV? I even opened the file in MPV prior to releasing to ensure the subs showed up.

  2. Hey just wanted to thank you guys for doing this and wanted to say a big fat f*ck off to those who dare to complain if they find a minor mistake in a free product, given them to enjoy wholeheartedly.
    You know, dear Karlak, you have the right to do it better.
    Go, do something and i’ll be there to complain when i find a mistake.

    1. On the contrary, please do point out any mistakes you come across! It helps us improve the subs for the eventual batch/BD releases in case anything slipped through. Just don’t be an ass about it, or you’ll probably just be ignored.

      1. Didn’t say they shouldn’t point it out but people should know the difference between pointing out and complaining. I do fansub myself and my mom got her fair share of fuck without her knowledge in these “helping” messages.
        So all i say is, don’t be d*cks about mistakes and don’t take free work granted from anyone.

  3. I’m using MPV player and I haven’t had the first issue. Like they said if you don’t use MPV player they don’t care if it’s broken.

  4. I waited until after I saw the episode to reply. Thanks for the subtitles and I really loved this episode, too. I didn’t think of the parallels with Whitney but I can see it now.

  5. You’re right. It’s a beautiful reference to Whitney Houston. I tink, they wnated to show, that ther is also light in the darknes, and it’s never to leat to asck for help. Geat episod, great job!

    1. Yeah, it could be something like that. Or perhaps even that if you can see someone slipping into darkness, simple gestures can brighten their lives.

  6. At the beggining of the episode, they’re refering to Desmond, which is… well, one person, but they keep refering to him as “They”. Wondering if they really said that, or is a translation error.
    Either way, thank you for your hard work! Just wanted to point that out 🙂

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