State of the Group (plans, status updates, drops, recruitment, etc) – Summer 2019 Edition

I’m tired of writing these things. I want to sleep but I can’t until another like four hours to maintain my bullshit sleep schedule required for work, please send help.

We’re continuing Carole & Tuesday into the summer season and that’s it.

I’m (read: KoolKidsK) really pushing for Beastars the fall season if Netflix doesn’t have an English simulcast but that’s going to depend on whether or not Myaa feels like translating and we can find an editor, ts, timer and qc for it. We’ll see if it actually happens or even needs to happen.

We’re starting to work on Starlight BDs again and we just finished like 95% of Piano no Mori batch fixes. I got a new job which required me to completely flip my sleep schedule more than 12 hours so I’m no longer in prime time to sub anime, let alone do encode which is the thing needed before any work can begin, let alone coordinate workflow while work is being done. Shit sucks, but at least I’m making half decent money. Luckily, our staff is highly competent and capable of managing and directing itself for the most part.

I’m gonna go out and say that the Heaven’s Feel blu-ray encode isn’t happening. I just don’t have time for it anymore, nor the interest. It should never have been mentioned or put in the sidebar to begin with since plans were always up in the air for it from the start and that will likely never happen again. The original translation that might’ve been shipped with it was already released with another encode. You can find that here. Future movies and OVAs will likely just be dropped out of nowhere with no sign or announcement because we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up only for it to never happen, even for encode-only [PAR] releases which somehow people actually waited for and wanted.

We could use a TLC or maybe even a translator to tackle Beastars if Myaa doesn’t want to do it in the end or wants TLC. A willing editor, timer or ts would be nice too. We’ll probably aim for <24 hours so please try to be available on the day it airs (which should be Wed 24:55 JST and starts in sometime in October)

Contact KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord or shoot an email to [email protected] if interested and we’ll get in touch with you. Translation/TLC is the only position you’re not required to have past experience but you will be tested.


    1. I can’t tell if this is more aggressive snarkiness or an attempt at making a light-hearted joke on Drop Mars that doesn’t really work because the thing that was dropped was just an encode and not a fansub (if it were a fansub, it likely wouldn’t have been released at PAS/PAR too)
      Why don’t you ever reply twice to me? It’s always the same: say something aggressive, get replied to, say something even more aggressive and really misinformed, get replied to, don’t try to continue the conversation.

      1. Ignore the trolls. Thanks for the good work. Hope you and the crew can find the balance but in the end, what really matters is that you are enjoying it.

  1. Hi,
    Do you all have plans to continue with the Houseki no Kuni chapters?
    Also, thanks for your hard work. Stay safe, gents.

    1. We dropped redoing the old chapters a long time ago, but we’re still doing the new ones monthly. I think Kodansha’s English division’s already released the chapters we were going to redo. The magazine releases the 25th every month JST. The series is taking a break this month though.

    1. Don’t wait for it. Watch the PAS v0. We have no eta for it. We haven’t touched it since the PAR release.

  2. Sometimes I wish I could get gangbanged by the entirety of PAS just because of how orgasmic their efforts has been.

    Thank you, PAS.

  3. i’ve loved your carole and tuesday subs! you guys are literally the best. thank you for all your hard work, i’ll be going through your other stuff too. i can’t even fathom how hard it is to sub these things. thank you <333

    1. Yup. Kind of hit a wall with encodes because while the series is mostly a b=0 c=1 upscale, the cg bits are b=1 c=0, apparently, and I’m not entirely sure how to descale each element individually. I might just keep doing a straight b=0 c=1 descale to get rid of the shitty upscale for the most part and have to live with the cg bits being kinda fucked. I think I forgot where I was with them. I know I finished the encodes and I might have already shifted the scripts so maybe all I have left is QC but it’s kind of hard to find time to fansub when I’m finding it hard enough to find the time to eat more than one meal a day at the moment. Being an adult with a full-time job sucks.

  4. Theere was a special released on Carole and Tuesdayt this weeek
    and one small specdila clip on youtube
    will you sub them?

    1. The special episode that aired this week was just dumb recap which we said we wouldn’t do if it ended up being recap. Regarding the chibi series that’s being uploaded to youtube: our translator didn’t seem interested in it. Sorry!

  5. From the fansub point of view this is the episode worth doing the most. . I know that you pick what you do. But to be honest i am thinking that since – this is the only episode that wont be on Netflix sooner or later this is exactly the one you should be doing.

    The main series will be in English sooner or later. This wont.

    1. Depends on a couple things but in any case, we don’t formally announce OVA/movie plans anymore. I certainly want to though.

  6. Can I download the sub file for pancreas directly somewhere? I would like to watch it with the raw BD. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. Nope, not at all. It literally hasn’t been touched since we did the PAS v0. The PAR release is just a zero effort remux that wasn’t even QCed. Don’t wait for it. It’ll be out eventually. Probably.

  7. I’m loving with C&T so much and don’t know what I’d do without you. Hope things improve, and just dropping my tyvm.

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