Carole & Tuesday – 09

Drop Mars!

MPV is the only player we support. No support will be given for any other player. If something else happens to work, great. If it doesn’t, it’s not our problem.

On XDCC (no trigger)

TL: Myaamori (JP), Nevreen (French)
TLC: kumo8 (JP), Colgatto (French)
Edit: Lann
Timing: Alen
Song Styling: Colgatto, Fyurie, KoolKidsK
“Typesetting”: Myaamori (lol)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: QQwerty
Special thanks to Nevreen for translating the French (also to LightArrowsEXE for styling an insert but we didn’t use it :x)


  1. Are there plans to include lyrics for the opening and ending now that the songs have been officially released with lyrics?

    1. Not sure yet. Translator’s thinking about doing a “no songs” track for the people who feel confident in making out all the lyrics themselves so they can enjoy it without visual clutter and then maybe we’d have the default track where every song is subbed and from official lyrics. Regardless, none of this would be until batch.

  2. As always, thank you! I love the typesetting you guys do for the songs! It’s stylish, but not overly intrusive or distracting.

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