1. Thank you guys so much! I’m absolutely enamored by this show. It’s so adorable.

    The subs are perfect. You’re doing an amazing thing.

    I’m new to this site (found y’all via reddit while looking for ways to watch this show). Do you have a patreon or something that I might be able to donate to?

    1. We usually don’t take donations because what we do is very, very gray and throwing money into the mix just gives law enforcement more reason to take action. Everything is more or less run out of my (the founder’s) pocket. Servers, domain, subscriptions to various streaming sites so we don’t have to wait for someone to rip stuff, BDs, manga raws, the whole nine yards, but it’s more or less sustainable. We’ll put a post or something up if it comes to the point where we need donations to keep things running, but I hope it never comes to that. Thank you though!

      1. That makes sense. I understand. I wanted to show my appreciation. I will just have to share these subs with as many friends as I can 🙂

    1. I’ve had to explain this already in 01’s nyaa listing and nyaa comments but it’s because the show’s native resolution (the resolution everything was composited at) is 720p then just upscaled by the studio with a really bad kernel (b=0, c=1 bicubic, ie oversharp).With anime, bigger resolutions hardly ever mean better.

      1. I’ll never understand why native anime resolution is relatively low even though Japan is getting read for 8k.

  2. I can’t play the video file for some reason. Can you please link the srt/ass file? I have the raw. Thanks for your hard work!

    1. You grab the subs from animetosho.org but they’re not going to match up with any other raws. I trim the black frames out and delete and duplicate frames to sync the TV audio. Play it with mpv and it should work fine.

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