Carole & Tuesday – 04

References after the break

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TL: Myaamori
TLC: kumo8
Edit: Lann
Timing: Alen
Insert Styling: colgatto
“Typesetting”: Myaamori (lol)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: QQwerty, KoolKidsK
Special thanks: joletb

These all came from Lann who stayed up really late to find them, kudos to him!

04:05 “One where a bunch of zombies attack,\N but in the end you all dance together!” ->

04:09 “I’d like one where I’m a diva being\N protected by a handsome bodyguard.” ->

04:14 “No, no, it’s gotta be six or so heroes coming together to save the world from certain doom.” ->

04:20 “A bunch of gangs fight each other,\N but in the end they all dance together!” ->

04:24 “One where I’m riding in a car with a handsome guy in sunglasses.” -> might be a stretch.

04:27 “I want animation.” ->

04:28 “Nah, six or so people with helmets face a falling meteor.” -> same reference, probably.

04:32 “Just something with dancing!” ->

04:34 “A really stylish one!” ->

04:35 “You enter a mirror and everything turns animated.” ->

08:38 bassline seems to be


  1. Anyone know why the color is like…shifted as if it was trying to be rendered in 3D, when using FFmpeg Decoder?

    1. I have no idea what you’re trying to do (and no support will be given for any reason other than playing the release back with MPV) but if I had to guess, it’s because of the 4:4:4 chroma subsampling used.

  2. Can’t thank you guys enough for the superb job you’re doing with this. I, as a music lover myself, couldn’t be more satisfied with all the references not only in this episode, but in the whole series so far. Can’t wait to see more of Carole & Tuesday!

    Thank you for doing this and please continue the amazing job you guys are doing. ♥

  3. Hi, sorry for bothering and thanks for your hard work. I’m trying to download cut version of Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji but it has no seeds. Can you help?

    1. They’re all seeding on the seedbox now. Weird that they weren’t already seeding. If you’re still unable to download, they should be available on Nagi, our XDCC bot through IRC.

      1. You guys are the best. I downloaded all of them. I have been visiting this site since 2017 and you guys doing this fansub job pretty good. Thanks again, have a good day.

  4. I know this is unrelated to this anime (great work on it btw), but any updates on the pancreas movie ?

    1. Nope. They’d be in the sidebar if there were. Just grab the PAR release if you can’t wait. It’ll probably be a long while before it’s out. The typesetter has Penguin Highway to finish first plus projects for his own group. There’s not much priority on it because the web v0 and PAR releases are already out so nothing’s stopping anyone from watching it with a good translation and even video quality if they wanted to.

      1. Thanks a ton for the heads up. I’ll probably download the PAR release then rewatch it when you guys do the improved one. Thanks again 🙂

  5. Man the work you guys are doing on this show is truly amazing, I just can’t not come here and tell you all about it!

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