Carole & Tuesday – 01

Netflix a shit.

Time zones also a shit.

We’ll see if we can be any faster for 02+. In 24.5 hours after Netflix release we had everything done but finalize the script and QC but then time zones got in the way.

02+ won’t be ~a day early on Netflix like 01 was but we’re still expecting it to be a couple hours early. Not entirely sure though.

XDCC on IRC (no trigger)

TL: Myaamori
TLC: kumo8
Edit: Lann
Timing: Alen
Typesetting: Myaamori (lol)
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: QQwerty, KoolKidsK



  1. Thanks for this!

    Was wondering, how updated is Pancreas and Penguin Highway movie? Status update has been like that for a while.

    1. They’re absolutely updated. You should see more progress on Penguin Highway after GJM’s Kaguya is finished. As for Pancreas, N4O has the rest of Penguin Highway to do (I think the last 30 signs out of the 99?) in addition to commitments with his local lanuage groups I think so I don’t actually have any sort of clue when that’ll be but there’s a [PAR] release to tie the people who can’t wait over.

  2. someone please help me, i did all the correct step to torrenting the file but the video plays as a black screen with audio on windows, please someone help me

        1. Huh, weird. That’s the problem everyone on VLC is having. The release was QCed with MPV. Try that. If that doesn’t work, I’ve got nothing.

    1. I had the same thing on VLC, then selected “OpenGL video output” (tools=>preferences=>video) and it fixed it.

  3. Nice story. Good quality. They took the time to make the fingering believable. I miss the fingering they used to have time for in Piano no Mori. That effervescence gets distracting and dull. Maybe in one of the final episodes…

  4. Thanks for doing this !

    Video works fine on MPC-HC and even on VLC 2.2.8.

    But why did you choose E-AC3 for the audio ?
    On my System the Audio is very low, so I must turn up the Volume to Max.

    The Audio is only Stereo and not even 5.1, so why don’t you use AAC like you did in Piano no Mori ?
    Everyone else is using AAC for Stereo, and this works fine for me with my normal Volume setting.

    1. you could torrent the file and check for yourself

      also, don’t use kissanime. the ads there are cancerous and they have the audacity to watermark every video with their name, on top of the streaming video compression they apply

      since you’re here already, might as well download the high quality video from pas directly

  5. Have you guys check their IG ? Its actually exist and corresponding with the anime. that is so wholesome. also my heart cant wait for the next update~ >,<

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