Carole & Tuesday Confirmed

Carole & Tuesday 01 just went up on Netflix and we can confirm there aren’t any English subs up as of right now. We have no idea if Netflix’ll upload them later but for the time being, we’re going to treat it as if there won’t be any subs added until the international premier and are going to begin work. See the sidebar for progress updates. I will do my best to keep it updated. No idea on what our usual turn-around will be yet.


  1. Can’t wait!^^ Even after they add official subs please continue the project! Fansubs are always soo much better.

    1. I’m not sure I get the question but the staff working on it are all very excited to work on it and show no signs of stalling. The only issue I could see come up (as it already has) is timezones.

  2. but I see absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t be done by the time they sleep

    does this mean we can expect this today possibly?

    1. Maaaaybe depending on your timezone. It’s very, very early morning (ie not even 10 am) where the editor and qc are right now. If you’re in the US, it’ll probably be early tomorrow morning. The delay right now is caused by timezones. We literally just have the very last step of the process left but timezones got in the way.

  3. This is great news. I’ve been looking forward to this show ever since it was announced. Can’t wait!

    Do you think your release schedule for it will be something like a day or two after the Netflix release?

    1. That’s our plan, anyway. It took us ~24.5 hours to go from Netflix release to just finalizing the script and QC left and TL-kun thinks release could very well be under 24 hours if he translates a tad bit faster so TLC could have time to TLC the entire episode before they sleep. A staff member is currently visiting another country so he’s in a completely different timezone than he normally is so we can’t know for sure what our workflow will be next week or the week after, whenever he gets back. Right now we’re having some problems with time zones. TLC finished the first half then had to sleep, editor then edited the entire episode then went to sleep around 9 hours later but wanted to look over the second half of the episode again when it’s been TLCed. The second half is now TLCed but the editor has to wait until the evening to check it out, and the QC can’t QC until the script’s been finalized.

      1. Oh boy, sounds like a lot of hassle because of the difference in timezones.

        Thank you for picking up this show though! I really appreciate it.

  4. I was hoping to know if you ripped the source in 1080p and if you have access to scene tools for web-dling or if it is gonna be a screen capture.

    1. It’s a web-dl. No screen capture. We know multiple people with the widevine crack to get us the episode as soon as it’s up on Netflix.

    1. I just woke up. Editor and QC are online now and editor’s finalizing the script with the translator. QC should be able to QC right after and then I can either do my own QC pass or release. Shouldn’t be much longer at all until something comes up.

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