1. What player are you using and is 17:00 the exact timestamp? I’m not home at the moment but I just remote connected to PC and played the release at around 16:50 and it went past 17:00 just fine. Our only officially supported player is mpv but mpc-hc with lav, madvr and xysubfilter should work almost all the time too.

      1. I tried it on VLC and since it didn’t play I checked the file using ConvertX and it showed the picture freazing up after 17′ and stopped at 17’52”.

        1. VLC’s a terrible player for fansub releases. It’s known to cause a bunch of problems. Verify the CRC32 of your downloaded file matches the CRC32 in the filename. If it doesn’t match, your download is corrupted and you need to redownload it. If it’s correct and still freezes, try using mpv to play it.
          I use rapidcrc for crc checking but I think you could also use https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/crc32_checksum.html if you don’t feel like downloading anything.

          1. File name matches. I also deleted the file and torrent and re–downloaded it. It matches in the file name and still freezes. Since you’re the sole source for the file, I won’t be able to get it anywhere else!

    2. The thread got too long. You didn’t say if you tried playing it with mpv. Does it work with mpv? The release works fine, as verified by my local copy with matching CRC32. I have also verified the copy of the file on the server seeding the torrent also matches the CRC. By “file name matches”, do you mean the filename matches or the CRC matches? The filename will always be the same but the CRC of the file itself can differ from the one in the filename. If it works fine in mpv but not VLC, that’s not our fault and we can’t/won’t do anything about it.

      1. Got it. Thank you very much for your time answering me. I used another PC and it’s working fine now. I guess it’s my old PC to blame and it might have some problem in the drive and/or fine access. I really appreciate what you people are doing for us. I thank you and love you!

        P.S. Oh and it’s Emilia, not Amelia. I’d let it go this time though.

      1. There will be a Batch of TV-Sesaon 2 ?

        LOL, the Batch for TV-Version of Season 1 is at QC for months and there is no progress at all !
        And at the same time you’re doing a Batch of the Blu-ray Box of Season 1!

        Why ?
        First you fix the mistakes in the TV-Version, make a Batch of the TV-Version and than you apply the fixed Subtitles to the Blu-ray Version and make a Batch too ?
        That’s plain stupid !

        Just drop the TV-Batch an release the Batch of the Blu-ray Version !

        1. There will be a batch for the second cour, yes. I can’t speak for the stalling of the s1 batch because it’s out of my hands, but batches with no fixes are kinda pointless. The only point of a batch without fixes is ease of downloading and we don’t really care about that. It would take less than two minutes to add them all to your client. If someone cares, they can make an unofficial batch. We’re still seeding the individual s1 torrents. And yes, that is generally how things work. There was only one BD volume and we’re releasing it all at once since we did the TV version already. Most groups release by volume.

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