State of the Group (plans + recruiting tl/tlc) – Spring 2019 Edition

With winter season over, it’s time for spring! Yet another super brief post this season.

Straight to the point: we’re doing Carole & Tuesday assuming one of the two happens:

  1. there are no English subs included with the Japanese Netflix simulcast
  2. The English subs, if included with the Japanese Netflix simulcast, are terrible

We’ve rounded up a complete team to otl the series in the case it needs saving, but if it doesn’t, we just won’t be doing anything this season.

Next up, recruiting translators and translation checkers. Our last recruitment drive went pretty well and we’re now pretty good on everything staff-wise to tackle a project on our own without any outside help. Another translator/translation checker would be nice of course but isn’t really needed at the moment. Would love to get a translator interested in translating Beastars in October assuming it needs saving from Netflix if Myaa ends up not wanting to, though. Applicants will, of course, be tested for competency. Hit up KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord or KoolKidsK on #[email protected], or shoot us an email at [email protected] if interested.

Lastly, please give a warm welcome to TsUNaMy WaVe, Alen, and Kasael!


    1. Not at all. The editor told me like two days ago that he thinks he’ll move it to the top of his priorities because nothing was moving elsewhere. It’ll just be out when it’s out.

        1. Oh, yeah. Don’t worry. We’d release the movie with an unedited script before we dropped the project. We certainly won’t waste the staff’s efforts who have already done their roles.

    1. Ooooh. If it ever gets uploaded to U2, I’ll check it out. I don’t plan on buying it though. I already bought the Japanese BD.

      1. I’m planning on buying it, but I’m a total newbie though, I don’t know how hard it is to rip it. Perhaps I’ll check some guides online when the time comes and hit you up on discord.

        1. I forgot to reply to this until now. That’d be fantastic. I’d love to check it out. I could even walk you through ripping the BDMV.

    1. Editor-kun said he’ll certainly have finished the edit long before then so we’ll see. We’re aware of the R1 release date.

  1. Firstly, I want to thank you guys for your hard work!
    I’m watching Carole & Tuesday and you’re subs are fantastic! thanks to I can enjoy the show
    now, I want to ask if you take requests of some kind and if you do where can I submit one
    you see, 2 days ago the BD’s for Re:Zero Memory Snow was released and there are no English subs because it was only released in Japan and who knows if it’ll get a release in other countries
    really there are like 10 releases online but it’s only raws, I thought I could make an srt file on Notepad app but my japanese sucks, and that’s when I found you guys
    so is it possible to make it?
    and if there is anything I can help with I’ll do it

    1. I wanted to do it but our only tl didn’t seem interested in it. Apparently DDY’s doing it. Maybe it’ll get picked up by CR.

      1. DDY? what’s that?
        CR haven’t announced anything yet which is what worries me, which might mean they won’t license it at least any time soon
        someone named Mizore released eng subs but someone in the comments said that it’s like ”machine translation quality of subtitles” which I didn’t understand what he meant I tried first few minutes and Timing, Spelling, translation, and grammar seemed fine but I don’t know I ain’t an expert after all.
        thanks anyway, if you guys ever had a change in mind and decided to do I’ll look forward to it!

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