State of the Group (plans + recruiting tl/tlc) – Spring 2019 Edition

With winter season over, it’s time for spring! Yet another super brief post this season.

Straight to the point: we’re doing Carole & Tuesday assuming one of the two happens:

  1. there are no English subs included with the Japanese Netflix simulcast
  2. The English subs, if included with the Japanese Netflix simulcast, are terrible

We’ve rounded up a complete team to otl the series in the case it needs saving, but if it doesn’t, we just won’t be doing anything this season.

Next up, recruiting translators and translation checkers. Our last recruitment drive went pretty well and we’re now pretty good on everything staff-wise to tackle a project on our own without any outside help. Another translator/translation checker would be nice of course but isn’t really needed at the moment. Would love to get a translator interested in translating Beastars in October assuming it needs saving from Netflix if Myaa ends up not wanting to, though. Applicants will, of course, be tested for competency. Hit up KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord or KoolKidsK on #[email protected], or shoot us an email at [email protected] if interested.

Lastly, please give a warm welcome to TsUNaMy WaVe, Alen, and Kasael!

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