Piano no Mori – 13

Sorry for the delay. First episode kinks and working out workflow and all that.

XDCC Trigger: later

Translation: Myaamori (dialogue, ED)
Timing: Pikminiman
Edit: Pikminiman
Song Styling: colgate
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: Pikminiman, KoolKidsK


  1. Thanks!

    Also, holy crap, that quality copypasta crowd in the second shot is truly mesmerizing. It’s like 30 different “Where’s Waldo?”s at once. I haven’t yet found anyone who isn’t there at least twice, but some people appear at different angles. I love the way sketchy character designs get the foreground, while a lot of the more detailed ones are in the back. I can’t get over how absurd the lack of perspective is—there appears to be a height range of about 3 meters in this crowd. Truly this shot is a thing of beauty.

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