1. Oh wow, this is a nice wedding thing, Not sure the reason for it, but cool cooking goods!
      Well that’s sweet, but… okay… don’t want the arm… but now… wait.. what?
      OH GOD… oh god oh god oh god… oh … EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
      clenches hands and spazzes out

  1. Can someone explain to me how to use the xdcc trigger. I vaguely understand the concept of messaging the bot, but the botname doesn’t appear anywhere on the channel description.
    Someone please just explain to me in general how to download this chapter.

    1. Would have to agree, this needs DLing, mangadex been getting slammed with ddos lately, making it very difficult to read the pages. Keep having to reload the site.

    2. Just go into the channel and do “!mhouseki75” and the bot’ll automatically attempt to send you the chapter.

  2. So the usual threads started up on /a about leaks and various speculation.
    (season 2, semi confirmed! YAY! Still looking for real conformation but it sounds legit)
    Something that someone brought up is that there are redraws on the released volumes vs the monthly manga releases?
    If that’s the case, how much difference is there between the two, and would it be worthwhile to do the equivalant of a “blue ray” release?

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