Made in Abyss – 06 [BD]

Just like I said, “next year.”

07+ might actually be next year, in 2020, for all we know. We have no more encodes and we’re not sure what the availability of our encoder is at the moment, but reworked scripts for 01-04 are finished as is 07, the last episode in box one. 07 just needs TS which is super easy for this series.

XDCC Trigger: !mia06

Base Script: Scum (Sentai untouched, basically)
OP/ED trans: Areki
Edit: motbob
TLC: Unbased
TS: KoolKidsK
Timing: motbob
Styling: joletb
Encode: joletb
QC: KoolKidsK
Special thanks: Govna


  1. What is stopping you from also replacing the encoder? There is nothing in the source that would require extensive filtering.

    1. No idea, actually. If he ends up being unavailable, I’ll probably take up encoding the rest of the series. The thing is, though, to my knowledge, he’s 100% scene filtering every episode. I haven’t had time to do any scene filtering lately, but I could probably whip up some quick encodes that would take care of most problems in the source.

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