State of the Group (plans + recruiting translators/translation checkers + typesetters/timers)

You know what time of the season it is! Super brief post this season.

So, plans: Piano no Mori’s second cour. We (read: I, KoolKidsK) want to do Penguin Highway, the movie, and, in fact, we have the BD pre-ordered but subs will only happen if Myaamori ends up liking it in addition to finding the rest of the staff for it. Regardless, I plan on doing a nice encode of it, at the very least. We have our eye on Carole & Tuesday for the following season too since that was confirmed to be Netflix’d and Myaa expressed interest, but I’ll keep you updated. We seem to have become the group that does all the music anime. I’m not complaining!

Finally, recruitment: We are recruiting translators, translation checkers and an experienced typesetter and timer or two. Experience isn’t needed for tl/tlc but you’re expected to be competent. Timer and typesetters, however, need to have experience. Hit up KoolKidsK#8146 on Discord or KoolKidsK on #[email protected], or shoot us an email at [email protected] if interested.

That’s it! See you around the end of January for Piano no Mori’s second cour!

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