Magical Girl Site – Vol. 2 [BD]

As said in the recent post, Himitsu is no longer involved with this project and I will be continuing it with our terminology and subbing practices that were put in place by Himitsu.

This volume covers the final episodes Himitsu has touched. The remaining volumes will be everything you’ve come to expect from previous releases minus the fact there won’t  be any editing or TLC done to the script outside of consistent terminology and naming practices.

The project no longer has an editor/TLC. The tag will remain [PAS], mainly for consistency and the fact it wouldn’t be allowed on Anime-Bytes if part of the series were under [PAS] and another part of it under [PAR] as far as I understand.

I have contacted the current scanlation group and, pending an answer from the group’s typesetter, the BD manga volumes will be released through them at some point, with me cleaning and providing raws. Again, pending an answer from their typesetter. I’ll try to keep you updated.

Work’s gonna leave me pretty busy for the next month or so and I’m scene filtering the BDs on top of having to time and ts from scratch 06+ which can take quite a bit of time, but hopefully I’ll be able to give you more soon. Just going to go by volume.


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