Project Cleanup (Dropped Projects, Staff Changes)

Small tidbit before the end of season post.

 Due to internal staff complications and/or loss of interest, the following projects are dropped:

  • Haikara movies (unreliable tl)
  • Junji Ito (unreliable tlc/editor)
  • Tsugumomo (no staff interest, near pointless release)
  • Old Houseki no Kuni manga chapters (unreliable tl and official volume should be out either now or soon anyway)
    • Please note this only applies to the old chapters. The new chapters that come out monthly will continue as usual.
  • Parappa the Rapper / PJ Berri (unreliable tlc)

In addition, Houseki no Kuni BDs will be dropped if no release is made before the end of February 2019.

The following projects will continue with altered staff:

  • Made in Abyss BDs
    • Motbob will be taking Himitsu’s place as editor and Unbased will be taking Himitsu’s place as TLC. Motbob is also taking KoolKidsK’s place as timer. There should be v2s with additional translation fixes and possibly further editing for the first four eps and releases will now be by box. 06 is done and 07 is nearing completion on the script side of things but joletb won’t be able to do more encodes until early 2019.
  • Magical Girl Site
    • No longer has an editor/tlc. Will most likely continue as [PAR] with consistent terminology and everything else [PAS] has besides editor/tlc. I will attempt to give BD manga chapter raws to the current scanlation group.

Also please welcome Lann as editor!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


    1. I think that got dropped somewhat, beatrice raws did a better job of putting out raws, and I think pas just made their subs available, although one of the later eps had some special subtitles that required a special viewer to see, not sure how that was ment to work though.
      Eventually someone just used all PAS subs, slapped them on beatrice raws, and pumped them out in 1080 format, while removing special formatting to make it work.

    1. …Oh yeah. I forgot there were no public raws. Yeah, I’ll release all the ones I have at least. I think I still have some in transport streams that I haven’t encoded yet.

    1. …It was going to be a surprise release but whatever. We’ve had the raw since a day before it went up on Nyaa. Yes, it’s happening. No, I don’t have an eta. It’s timed and encoded and as far as I know the translator’s translating as I type this.

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