1. There should be some liner notes in the manga itself. But word is the earthquake that happend screwed things up for her and the publisher. She also was helping someone else who got badly hit, from what I heard.
      People been going apepoop over this for a while now.
      Also, any chance we can get torrent of this and the previous chaptors?

      1. Sorry for late reply. I’m too lazy to make a torrent for it and it seems most scanlation groups (at least from when I scanlated in like 2012) just have an XDCC bot or DDL. We have an XDCC bot so you can use that if you want it. Just go into the channel with a real IRC client (not a web-based one) and do !mhouseki72 and the bot should send it to you.

    1. The premium edition of volume 9 sold out a long time ago. Like, before it even released. It was going in and out of stock on Amazon.co.jp for a couple hours the day before release and lasted like less than a minute every time. I got a copy from cdjapan but they emailed me a couple days later and said there was a “temporary shortage” and that it’d take another 1-3 weeks before they could ship it out. I personally think we got shafted and that they won’t magically get a more since they’re special edition and only so many are made, but idk. If you want one, you can try grabbing it off Amazon.co.jp and go through a third-party seller and use a shipping forwarder such as Tenso to forward it to you. Just know that the third-party sellers on Amazon.co.jp are all scalpers and they’re selling it for like 2x+ more than retail price.

        1. Wew, is that before or after shipping? Either way, that seems a bit much. Retail cost seems to be 1,530 yen, or ~$13.56 USD at current exchange rates. I ended up having to pay 1,940 yen in shipping on top of that for a total of 3,090 yen, or ~$27.10 USD. Scalpers on Amazon.co.jp are selling, at the moment, new copies for as low as 3,480 yen + shipping + shipping from forwarder. I personally don’t think it’s worth it. I just wish there were more copies available ;_;

          1. that does include shipping, but wouldn’t ship until like… dec 20th through jan. I guess I’ll try looking through amazon, but I got bupkis last time I checked.
            Would be NICE if Seven Seas were to put the color illustration book out as their own special edition, but…

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