“Get ready for the next disappointment from Studio Trigger!”

Biggest non-meme tag, I think.

Dual track release. Default is without honorifics with language flag enm, second with with honorifics with language flag eng

Joint with our friends at Asenshi and GJM.


FUNi for video and Tokyo MX for audio.

We decided to pick this up like 2-3 days ago and now that the first episode kinks are over, we should be able to churn out releases a bit faster, but hey, waiting until 02 aired gave us access to a clean version of the OP and ED! (also Memes11 aired a special live action concert thingy of the OP with hardsubbed lyrics at the bottom of the screen so we have what we believe are official lyrics for every line of the OP except for the last one)

XDCC Trigger: !gridman01

Translation: CR
TLC: staycakey
Edit: Lann
Time: KoolKidsK
TS: Govna (don’t give me that look – we have 2-3 backup typesetters on-call in case he stalls)
Encode: KoolKidsK (with assistance/guidance from joletb)
QC: joletb, Fyurie

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  1. I don’t know whether it will disappointing or not. But thanks for subbing super human samurai anime form and bring it to us. It so nostalgic for me

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