Baja no Studio – OVA

Surprise OVA release!

20 minutes of saccharin and heart attacks with great animation from KyoAni!

Words cannot explain how happy I am to finally get this out to you all.

This post was initially drafted back in fucking January. The encode, translation, editing and song styling were all done in a couple days to a week but it has stayed stalled at Govna for typesetting for about eight or nine months, give or take. I finally got time and decided to finish it up. Thanks, Govna! Uh, for your magnificent typesetting, I mean.

TL is from JP and not the Italian release that’s out, of course. Encode is also our own and from BDMV. We also translated the insert and ED from official lyrics.

1080p only.


XDCC Trigger: !baja


TL: 秘密
Edit: TsunTsun
TS: Govna, KoolKidsK
Time: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: Colgatto
Stalling the release for 8+ months: Govna
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK


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