State of the Group (plans + recruiting translators/translation checker, manga redrawer(s) and manga typesetter(s))

Your favorite anime of the season slowly approaches its last episode, your eyes start to swell up, tears close to coming out, you check PAS’s site, glance at the post title, see it’s not a shitty porn short or Revue Starlight and instantaneously lose all interest to read on and let the tears flow. At that moment, you knew what time it was. Yes. It’s time for the end of season post!

 Ooook, let’s kick things off with recruitment: we’re recruiting translators and translation checkers as usual but we’re certain that’s asking way too much since we’ve never actually recruited one through this so let’s ask for something a little more reasonable. We’re recruiting manga/scanlation redrawers and manga/scanlation typesetters. TL and TLC applicants are for anime and will be tested but no prior fansubbing experience is required. Manga typesetting and redrawer applicants must show us past examples of work. Redrawers are required to either supply redrawn .PSDs or both a redrawn page and a copy of the raw page. Contact KoolKidsK#8146 on discord or email [email protected] if interested. Alternative and honestly preferably, hit up KoolKidsK at #[email protected] We’re not exactly new to scanlation. I (KoolKidsK) come from the now-defunct Red Hawk Scans and Vortex Scans and Himitsu was part of EveTaku when they did manga, so we actually know what we’re doing for the most part, lol (I just can’t redraw for shit)

There’s a cute shoujo manga based on a cute dog we want to do and this thing from the same magazine as Houseki along with potentially other stuff. We’d honestly like to branch more out into manga, so please get in touch with us.

Up next, I’d like to talk about our plans for the next season. So uh, I realize that every time we’ve said we have no plans or that we probably won’t do anything, we’ve picked something up in the end. That’s uh, actually our plan this season too since Himitsu’s too busy and uninterested in anything and Myaamori’s most likely going to be doing something with another group, but we’re doing the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight BD specials and of course Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight BDs. Maybe you’ll see some stuff from our backlog finally finished. You never know. That said, Piano no Mori’s second cour is the following season and we, of course, plan on subbing that.

Finally, status updates: Piano no Mori batch should be out before the second cour airs. That’s uh, it. Refer to the last post for anything not mentioned here. Nothing has changed.

This was a fairly short post somehow compared to the babble I usually write. Anyway, talk to you again next season!



  1. Apologies, everyone, for Piano no Mori batch delays. That’s entirely on me. Turns out it’s surprisingly easy to let an entire season slip by.

    1. Oh, hey! How you been? How did the dog thing work out? If you’re too busy for IRC, we have a staff discord server that acts as a bridge for IRC so you can use IRC without ever logging on. Miss talking with you! KoolKidsK#8146 if you’d rather use Discord

    1. Made in Abyss is stalled at the editor who’s stalling just about every one of our unfinished projects. They won’t work no matter how hard I try so I’ve given up and am just hoping they’ll come around and do the work eventually. Regarding Tsugumomo, our release is pretty pointless and idk if I’ll ever continue it with the amount of work the episode it’s stalled on requires. I picked it up to get back into the groove of fansubbing but then it turned into a lot of work. Our release is kinda pointless anyway. The script is unedited CR and the only thing unique about it is the fact it’s presumably a nicer encode than anything else out and signs are typesetted typesetted. I’m pretty sure I saw a BD release that used our dialogue styling, signs for the episodes we did and slapped our song tls onto every episode.

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