Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight – 09 [Chyuu-PAS]

Sorry for the delay! End of season post going up soonish.

XDCC Trigger: !starlight09
This release is brought to you by these wonderful people:

TL: Myaamori
Song TL: Himitsu, Myaamori, Akatsukin
TLC: Akatsukin
Edit: Corbyn
Timing: shikawa
Typesetting: Tenebris
KFX/Song Styling/k-timing: Colgate
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: Lann


  1. Still waiting for the Piano no Mori Batch
    July 8:
    “Pik’s going to start working on the mid-series batch tomorrow iirc.”
    So what’s the status ?

    1. Pik started working like 70 hours a week or something shortly after that and that lasted until the remainder of the summer. He assured me it’d be out before the second cour aired in January.

  2. Thanks for the awesome job as usual! Any plans subbing this anime’s BD release in the future? Or adding the romaji + english subs on the insert songs (like you have done on ep 1)?

    1. Scratch that first part, I just read on your sticky that you will be doing Revue Starlight’s BD release and specials. The romaji + english subs on the BD release insert songs would be really great though I hope you consider it ♥

      1. We’ve actually decided to remove the romaji from the inserts so the romaji in episode one is being removed for the batch. We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just too much text on the screen and there’s no way you’d be able to read it all without pausing which detracts from the experience. It’s hard enough reading the lyrics and what’s being said sometimes already. We believe adding another line would just make it harder to locate and read what’s important in the time the line is present on the screen.

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