Magical Girl Site – 01 [BD]

Get ready for higher quality EDGE!

Our BDs came in! Here’s the first episode. Descaled to native res with 4:4:4, completely scene filtered and batch scripts. OP/ED updated to official lyrics, consistent terminology and I believe the editor/tlc quickly went over the script. Future releases will be by volume. Here are the touch ups/changes I was able to find. There may be more but I wouldn’t know. Lemme know if you find any others. Other than that, the main overall difference is that there’s more grain and very, very, very fine details were better kept and I tried my best to keep both of those in the encode.

The BD volumes come with (I believe) eight page original comics which we intend to scanlate, but no promises on that.

XDCC Trigger: !site01

TL: Amazon
TLC: Himitsu
Edit: Himitsu
Song TL: Himitsu
Additional Sign TL: Himitsu
Timing: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: cN3rd
Typesetting: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK

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