Piano no Mori 10 Delay & 11 Broadcast Delay

Piano no Mori episode 10 will be released later than usual this week due to staff unavailability.  It will be released Wednesday at the earliest.

Additionally, Piano no Mori is taking a week off from broadcast. Episode 11 will not air until June 24.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience.


    1. Nope, but a while back I think I heard something about another group being interested in it. Not sure though.

  1. Hello, when is the ep 10 coming out? 🙁 I miss them.
    wish I could help, but i’m uneducated about the subbing process.

    1. No. We don’t do etas as group policy. The editor’s busy and that’s all I know. The sidebar is up to date.

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