Piano no Mori – 07

I thought this aired on a family channel!

Sorry about the delay for the reasons mentioned in the last like two posts. Apparently we’re all mainly only free on Sunday and Monday, so if it’s not out by Monday (US time,) things are going to be tough.

XDCC Trigger: !piano07

Translation: Myaamori (dialogue, ED)
Song TLC: Etoce
Timing: Pikminiman
Edit: Pikminiman
TS: N4O, KoolKidsK
Song Styling: colgate
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: Pikminiman


    1. Absolutely just taking time. It’s stalled at tlc/edit and the tlc/editor for every one of our projects besides Piano no Mori is the same person. They’re currently sick, working on the latest Houseki no Kuni chapter, have a movie and like 12 episodes of lewd monk to tl and I think four episodes of Magical Girl Site to edit/tlc. Blu-Rays are very low priority, but it’ll be out eventually. PAS is mostly just a two-man group with me (KoolKidsK) doing all the grunt (encode/ts/time) work and Himitsu doing the script (tl/edit/tlc) work but we also have two kfxers we split projects across. Piano no Mori’s the first project that’s not a joint that has other people besides me helping out with grunt work and a dedicated tl and editor who neither are Himitsu. It’s pretty awesome.

  1. Family channel? Well, in the next episode (8) they have skipped seven chapters (virtually a volume) of the manga in which Kai gets a girlfriend (called Sae), and which includes a little (censored) nudity. Actually, she plays a small but important part in a later scene, so I’m wondering how they’ll handle that – could give it to Reiko, I suppose.

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