Magical Girl Site – 04

Holy shit, I’m so happy I can finally give this to you guys!

Based Himitsu editing this on their sickbed. 05 in the works but editor/tlc still sick and recovering (and a tad bit feeling lazy not of the state of mind to edit)

Piano no Mori’s coming. Refer to previous post. We don’t have our v3 cap yet. No eta on that, but trust me. If I could get it out already, I would.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the full email/text message/whatever on dude’s phone will probably be done for BDs. (oh, and yes, we’re doing them. vols 01 and 02 already preordered)

XDCC Trigger: !site04

TL: Amazon
TLC: Himitsu
Edit: Himitsu
Song TL: Himitsu
Timing: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: cN3rd
Typesetting: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK


  1. Thanks for your hard work . ❤❤❤
    why don’t you guys use the raw versions that already out in nyaa , they have good quality

    1. Np.
      By “raw version” do you mean like using HorribleSubs’s video? If that’s what you mean: we do! Basically.
      I take HS’s 1080p, filter it and fix what I can within reasonable quality:time ratio, downscale to native res and merge Amazon’s (who HS rips) h265 stream’s superior edges to it. It’s the best it’s going to get until blu-rays, which I plan on scene filtering since the series has loads of aliasing.

      1. no i mean for Piano no Mori and the audio problem that you mentioned before , i just comment in wrong post 😊

        1. Ohhhh, gotcha. So, we use Netflix video instead of the video that was broadcasted on TV. It’s higher quality and free of MPEG2 artifacts but the problem with that is that Netflix audio isn’t very good, so instead we use audio from TV. I’d just take the TV audio from ohys-raws but I don’t have the transport stream they used and they might have used different trims. I also I don’t know if that guy re-encodes or does anything with his audio that would make it worse than if we just grabbed it from our own cap.
          But yeah, it’s coming. We got a v3 cap and it’s all timed and the editor’s either editing now or going over stuff with the translator to finalize the script as I type this. Release should be either later tonight or tomorrow, unless something unexpected happens.

    1. Check the sidebar. Status hasn’t changed. TLC/editor told me they’d do it eventually but couldn’t give me an eta. Welp.

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