Magical Girl Site – 03

Top qt 3.14!

Sorry for the delay. Shit happens. ED2 and insert translated. ED2 tled from official lyrics.

I’m really curious if the new ED is just for this episode or if they’re going to reuse it.

Also, there’s apparently an entire character song album in addition to the OST that’s going to be sold so I wonder if they’ll continue to slip in teasers from it throughout the series. God I hope not.

EDIT: forgot to mention. Little terminology change. We’re now calling the magic “stick” a magic wand. Previous episodes will be changed to reflect this decision for the end of series batch.

XDCC Trigger: !site03

TL: Amazon
TLC: Himitsu
Edit: Himitsu
Song TL: Himitsu
Timing: KoolKidsK
Song Styling: cN3rd
Typesetting: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK


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