State of the Group (pickups, status updates, + recruiting translators/translation checkers)

It’s that time of the season again, ladies and gents! Time for me to write a massive wall of tl;dr that could probably be summed up in 50 words or less!

First up, season pick ups.

Uh, nothing confirmed, but I want to pick up Mahou Shoujo Site. I binged what was scanlated of the manga in a night and then ordered the JP tankoubons to read. I think it’s pretty fucking fantastic and I’m really excited for it. Check it out if you haven’t already. I’ll most likely pick it up in some capacity. Right now, I have no TLC so it’s leaning more towards a [Scum]-esque release, i.e nice encode, typesetting, untouched script, op/ed song tl and script styling. I would like a dedicated TLC for it, and, if I can’t find a TLC, I won’t bother roping in an editor. I see no point trying to find an editor and then delaying the release for the time it takes them to finish if the translation’s wrong anyway. If there are any tls interested, it airs on TBS so it’ll have closed captions! Please get in touch! Himitsu’s not interested in anything next season.

Also, we plan on doing the Haikara-san ga Tooru movie, Benio, Hana no 17-sai releasing April 25th with our BD preordered. EDIT: it has come to our attention that the movie has been licensed. Nope, nothing has changed. We still plan on doing it. We’ll see though.

Next, status updates.

So, uh, Junji Ito. Yeah. Uh, that fell behind. It’s not dropped, so don’t worry. I’m still battling my way through calculus so I can’t give etas and it’s also not my favorite thing to work on. I wanted to say we’ll do BDs, buuuut apparently there aren’t going to be BDs and instead just three box sets of DVDs that of course happen to be the same price as BDs. Thanks, DEEN! But anyway, the episodes are on now which is the best source for the show but they’re not included with Prime and cost like 217 yen per episode. I don’t actually care enough to blow money on the series and I don’t think anyone cares enough about our releases to cover the cost for us. We still plan on doing the two-part OVA included with the latter two DVD box sets, but we’re not buying them, so we’re gonna have to hope someone buys them and uploads to U2/ADC. Or hey, if you plan on buying the ridiculously priced DVD box sets for some godforsaken reason, hit us up with the DVDISO!

Also PJ Berri S1 has had absolutely zero work done on it since forever. Also not dropped.

The Houseki no Kuni manga is going just fine and I don’t see us dropping it in a million years before it’s over unless Ichikawa herself personally requests we stop. Not much else to say.

Next, our BD releases. Houseki no Kuni BDs are taking forever because of the guy we have doing a second edit/QC pass is the absolute master of stalling. We knew that beforehand, but figured since it was just BDs and of a show we already did the TV version of, it didn’t matter. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. The BDs are the same shitty aliased master that Amazon used. Only difference is more grain, a liiiiiiittle bit more finer details and I’m AAing harder than I did with our TV releases. Like you’ve already seen, though, if there are any BD specials, we’ll get those out ASAP.

 Tsugumomo, Made in Abyss and Souryo to Majiwaru BDs aren’t dropped and I also have nothing else to say say about them.  The sidebar’ll tell you everything you need to know.


Finally, staff recruitment!

Same deal as always, we want more translators/translation checkers. A translation checker (TLC) is not an editor; you need to actually know Japanese to do it, and, if you don’t already have someone reputable in the scene who can vouch for you, we’ll probably make you partially tl a radio show or something and then TLC your script if applying for TL or, half jokingly, give you a Hadena script to look over if applying for TLC. Or something. Hit us up by dropping a comment saying you’re interested with the email you want to be contacted through in the email field, dropping by our IRC @ #[email protected], or emailing us at pas.fansubs[AT]gmail[DOT]com. I really want to do Mahou Shoujo Site next season, so TLCs/TLs please apply. We’re good on all other fronts.


That’s it. See you at the end of the next season!


  1. Bit of a longshot, but since no one else’s picked ’em up and y’all do good work, might as well ask.

    Any chance of you guys picking up Juushinki Pandora and/or Shiyan Pin Jiating / Jikkenhin Kazoku / Creatures Family Days / Frankenstein Family? (LOL Gotta love how many AKAs this thing has ><)

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