1. Excuse me. I’m Ita on behalf of Miu Miu – a Vietnamese Fansub Team. We’re really interested in your Houseki no Kuni, therefore we would like you to allow us your raw.We really want to translate them into Vietnamese. Thank you in advance ^^.

  2. They could use the one posted, not even the raw, just wipe the English lettering, and it’d still be 10x better then other versions out there.
    I gotta say boss, your versions are beyond fantastic. I went through the official books, and yours are easier to read and follow.
    648 a month, hunh? How much is that in english monies? Also do you get 4 chaptors a month, or just one?

  3. So… we get at best, one chapter a month?
    So pretty much just one book a year.
    That may be why the english version comes out only every 6 months so they don’t end up hitting the production wall.
    Also, are you paying for the original blue rays, or getting them from the various raw releases?

    1. Yup, one chapter a month. 25th of every month but the last two months were on the 24th because the 25th was a Sunday which is not ok for releasing manga magazines apparently.

      We bought volumes 1, 2 and 4. 3 was privately provided to us by mb_bkee. No idea what we’re gonna do for volume 05 and 06. I’m broke but I think somebody’s uploading the BDMVs to U2 or maybe mb_bkee can help us out again. We don’t use public raws that were already encoded from the source BDMV.

  4. could you please don’t translate sensei’s name and leave it as Kongou?? this name have deeper meaning as Buddhist symbol of god’s weapon (vajra) and indestructible truth…

    *don’t translate anyone’s name, please. I don’t want to call yamada as Mr. Mountfield

    1. If you want to help cover the cost of raws, you can send donations via cashapp https://cash.me/$PASUBS
      The digital issue of the mangazine costs me 648 yen (~$6.04 at current exchange rates, proof https://www.ebookjapan.jp/ebj/198297/volume447/) an issue each month. If you’d rather donate via paypal, PM KoolKidsK at #[email protected]
      Know that donations aren’t required at all and never will be, but somebody covering the cost of raws or pitching in to cover part of it would be great.

      Other than that, we don’t take donations other than to cover the cost of fansubbing/scanlation BDs/raws. We don’t believe this hobby should be profited from.

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