Houseki no Kuni – SP01 [BD]

Relive the suffering!

BD extra included with BD vol.4. It’s an animatic of the entire second half of episode 8. The script’s had a second pass by our editor.

As for our BD releases of the individual episodes, it’s stalled at the guy we have doing a second edit/QC pass. It’ll probably be another month or two until we get 02 out.

Are you hype for new chapter next week?

XDCC Trigger: !housekisp01


  1. Another month until next episode?! This show is anime of the next year. Got to do better than that in terms of BD releases.

    1. There’s really not much point in BDs for the show anyway. Video is pretty on par with Amazon. It’s the same shitty aliased master. Frame numbers matched up exactly with our TV release. The biggest difference is probably the script having another edit/QC pass.

  2. I was really happy to see the release, then I saw what it’s about. I can’t bear to relive the suffering yet…

    Totally hype for the next chapter though!

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