1. Nope, never heard of it. I don’t think we’re doing anything next season and are just going to catch up on Junji Ito. I haven’t even looked into next season. We can’t even do our pickup this season.

      1. Thanks for the reply. It would be great if you guys picked it up though. [Hisone to Maso-tan] is an original series made by Bone studio and will be aired next season. I like watching these hidden gems like [Hakumei to Mikochi.]

      1. Well, what do you think about their subs? I never heard of them. Since I might pick up that series, I want to make sure their subs can be considered good. It would be a headache if their subs were just like those of Horrible Sub.

        1. Asenshi are our buddies. Their subs are fine. Their leader helps us with Made in Abyss BDs, if that makes you feel better.

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