Hakumei to Mikochi – 04-05 [MTBB-PAS]

Quick release post because I’m busy and have no time for this. 04’s been out since last week but I’ve been too busy to make a post and put it on XDCC but it’s there now.

Motbob covered encoding this week because I was too busy. Words cannot explain how grateful I am of how understanding he’s been.

Picking up anything this season while I fight my way through Calc II for the second time was a terrible mistake on my part.

Next season will probably be spent not picking anything up and instead finishing what’s left of Junji Ito that we don’t get to this season, assuming I don’t find time to get caught up and stay caught up. I’m very sorry and this is all my fault.

We have a surprise OVA and Houseki no Kuni Ch46 in the pipeline that’s been stalled at people that’s not me since before I got so busy, so hopefully those’ll see the light of day real soon.

04 –Torrent

05 – Torrent

XDCC Triggers: !hakumei04, !hakumei05


  1. Dawg withdraw from Calc 2 if its your second time and not going well. Take it in the summer, and maybe at a community college. Im guessing youre a Comp Sci major like the rest of them chinr cartoon subbers. So if you fuck it up twice, you might be forced to switch majors.

    Pauls Online notes for calc are good as a reference. Best thing to do is find practice materials such as textbooks or course webpages at other schools.

    Math only gets harder, differential equations clapped my cheeks.

    1. I think I’m doing better this time. It’s just taking almost every waking moment of my life ;___;;
      Thanks though! I’ll have to check that stuff out.

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