Houseki no Kuni – 01 [BD]

So pretty~

This has been ready for a couple weeks but we were waiting until 02 was done but I thought I could get it out now because I still don’t have Junji Ito ready for release.

There isn’t really much difference from the Amazon video quality and BD, honestly. Just more grain and really, really tiny details were better kept. I didn’t even notice any BD fixes or things that changed in the bd.

The script has had a second edit/QC pass.

Four sub tracks – masculine pronouns and genderneutral pronouns with heavy and light kfx tracks for each with masculine and heavy kfx the default.

XDCC Trigger: !houseki01

See you in a couple months for 02!

TL: Sentai
TLC: 秘密ですわ
Song TL: 秘密ですわ
Edit: 秘密ですわ
Timing: KoolKidsK
TS: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK, Aryllos


  1. Hi! Can you briefly explain, to someone who has no former knowledge of the story of this series, what the significance of having two differently gendered tracks is and on what basis would one choose between the two?

      1. That has nothing to do with my question, and considering my own group has a history of spreading two-cour series over multiple years in name of quality over quantity, I don’t feel like I’d have a right to be annoyed if that happened anyway :p I’ll gladly wait for more polished releases rather than demand rushed out ones.

    1. I feel, from the series as a whole, that the pronouns should be masculine. The English editing staff and many fans feel the pronouns should be gender neutral for genderless characters. Because many people asked us to use gender neutral, we made an alternate sub track for those who want it. Whichever one you use is your personal preference.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you to everyone on the team for helping give this show the top quality release it deserves. The alternate sub tracks are also most appreciated.

    As far as I can tell, the BD volumes have been selling well so far. Even if it doesn’t mean another season, I’m glad the efforts of all the people at Studio Orange and all other associate staff are paying off.

  3. This is awesome, Thanks!
    PS… I am buying the JP blurays, and can upload them if you need them.

    God, I hope we get a second season.

    1. Please hit us up! #[email protected]
      Vol3 comes with NCOP/ED which I’ve been waiting for but I forgot to preorder it ;__;
      Lemme know if you’d rather just go through email or something. I think I have your email that you used when you posted the comment.

    1. As said in the torrent description, there’s no point. Native res is 720p. The 1080p on the disk is just an upscale except for the OP which I was planning on trimming out and doing a standalone encode of if the future volumes don’t include an NCOP.

      Hardly any point in BD if there are no bd fixes anyway, of which I saw none of in 01 while doing frame comparisons. BD just has more grain and some really, really fine details were better kept. The OP’s finally (mostly? I forget) not bitstarved but it’s aliased and has some banding, so there’s that I guess.

      I’m pretty sure it’s the same master Amazon used. Frame numbers all matched up exact from what I saw and it had the same terrible aliasing.

    1. Picking up anything this season while I try and fight my way through calculus was a massive mistake. I have no time to fansub at the moment. Nothing’s dropped. We probably won’t pick up anything next season and just focus on finishing what we started. We have a two things in the pipeline that have been stalled at people who aren’t me (KoolKidsK) that are hopefully coming out soon though. Junji Ito is not one of those things. Hakumei’s been coming out within 24-48 hours every week but I’ve been too busy to make a post or put it on the XDCC bot.

  4. Well… I can either
    a) watch the whole series via horrible subs.
    b) Wait for this collection to come out.

    sighs and unzips pants The things you guys make me do.

  5. The heavy kfx track causes playback issues for me on MPC-HC+madVR+xy-VSFilter As soon as the OP starts it alternates between the video lagging and running too fast while dropping frames. Did anyone else encounter this?

    1. Have to use MPV for the heavy tracks. It’s our only officially supported playback method anyway. Light tracks are for people who don’t want to use MPV or have slow computers.

  6. Hate to say this, but kinda wish you could hardsub this and put out a version for running on blueray/dvd players.
    Not ONE blue ray machine out there can run anything in hi10 or higher.

    1. I would love to release more, but the editor delays even more than I do! We are considering just slapping our current releases—or slightly edited versions—on the BDs instead.

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