Houseki no Kuni – Sound Track Complete

Take this.
Included in the root folder is a translated track listing from our translator (who also updated vgmdb with the translations a day or two ago, in case you’re wondering why it’s the same) and included in the Disk 02 folder are a translation for Kyoumen no Nami and two translations for Liquescimus . One of the translations for Liquescimus is refined so that you can sing it in English if you wanted.

XDCC Trigger: !housekiost


    1. I believe so. Disk 01 of the complete edition has even more tracks than the special sound track first half that we released earlier. Altogether, the complete OST has more tracks than both parts of the special sound track bundled with the BDscombined. I’ll probably still upload the second half of the special OST when we release volume 2 of the BDs just for completion’s sake but know that it contains no extra tracks.

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