Hakumei to Mikochi – 01 [MTBB-PAS]

This show’s comfy as fuck.

Surprise pickup joint with our friends at MTBB!

Video is sourced from Wakanim and dehardsubbed with Amazon.co.jp web-dl. Looks a bit better than Sentai and smaller size to boot! Audio’s E-AC-3 from Amazon.co.jp web-dl.

Next week should be faster because this actually wasn’t planned and now we have the first episode kinks worked out. (besides the OP which we didn’t get this episode)


XDCC Trigger: !hakumei01

TL: Sentai and Wakanim
Song TL: 秘密 [PAS]
Editing: Motbob [MTBB]
TS: Motbob [MTBB]
ED Styling: Motbob [MTBB]
Encode: KoolKidsK [PAS]
QC: Motbob [MTBB]


    1. I haven’t watched the episode (I just do encodes) but I think so. I forwarded it to the editor. Thanks! It’ll be fixed for batch.

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