Houseki no Kuni – 11

This show is so pretty~

This episode contains fancy kfx from our new kfxer, Leona!

MPV is required to display the kfx correctly and going forward, our only recommended playback setup is MPV. An alternate light track is included if you do not wish to use MPV or if the kfx lags. No support will be given for any other playback setup going forward.

A default installation of MPV is all that’s required, but if you want to get more from it, consider checking out our friend’s guide at Scum.

Now that Omiai’s done and we’re caught up on TV releases, we’re going to try shifting our focus to Made in Abyss BDs.


XDCC Trigger: !houseki11

TL: Sentai
TLC: 秘密ですわ
Song TL: 秘密ですわ
OP/ED kfx: Leona
Edit: 秘密ですわ
Timing: KoolKidsK
TS: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK


  1. Thank you! 🙂 Guess i’ll try out the MPV player then! What more would I get out of it if i used the guide? I tried to follow it but it didn’t make any sense to me hehe. I guess i’m just wondering what the player can do differently, or better, after following the guide.

    Thanks again!

    1. I think it’s just better upscaling, plus the ability to deband on-the-fly. If you’re a normal user, I don’t think you’d notice much difference. A default setup is fine. The input.conf is useful though for hotkeys to like rewind the video and turn volume up/down.

        1. Copy the text here into a file called input.conf and put that conf file into the same folder MPV.exe is in. It’s pretty easy to do in Notepad++, just change the save as dropdown to “all files” and add .conf to the end of the filename. If you use regular Notepad, maybe try pasting the text into a blank notepad and trying to do the same? Not sure if you can do the save as all files thing. Alternatively, save as .txt and then change the .txt to .conf. You’d need your Windows to have the show file extension option enabled though. You’ll know it works when you press up or down on the arrowkeys on your keyboard and it turns the volume up or down. Oh wait, while typing this, I think you’d need the text of inside a file named mpv.conf for the volume thing to work. Pressing left or right on the keyboard should skip around the file though. Lemme know if you can’t get it and I’ll zip up the .conf files so you just have to drag and drop them into your mpv folder.

          1. Got it. So now I have the ”MPV.exe”, ”Input.conf” and ”MPV.conf” in a separate folder but pressing up and down on the arrowkeys just skips forward in the video, am I missing something?

  2. New subs definitely work for MPV for me, but do you know how to get some features from MPC over to MPV? For instance, I really liked how the “Forward” media key let me go to the next chapter in a video. The “Forward” key also let me go to the next file in a folder instead of putting all my videos in a playlist. Do you know how to do either of these?

    1. The page up/down button on the keyboard skips between chapters. Or it does for me, at least. As for playing the next file in the folder, I found this
      In that link, they mention the autoload script here
      I believe you’d just copy the .lua script and place it into a folder named “scripts” in your mpv folder, but you might have to do some googling of your own.

  3. Swear to god, every time I have to reinstall on a machine, and I want to install MPV, I cannot remember the exact name, and trying to google or whatever to find it, I can go through literally 100 pages of search and it will NEVER come up. I literally have to search back through to this one entry to find it again.

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