Group Status Update (also recruiting tl/tlc and OP/ED stylist, pls halp)

Important announcement! (this image looks like ass but whatever)

It’s that time of the season again! Group news, recruitment details, next season plans and status updates after the break.

Sooo, been a while since the last group news post. Good a time as ever for a new one with the new season approaching, I guess.

First, let’s get this out of the way: we are NOT doing the next new teen’s love show. Sorry, we just have no interest in shitty porn shows anymore. The uncut episodes cost us 300 yen a week and the person buying them is already 2k USD in debt and we just do not like them. Skirt no Naka was fun though. Subbing stuff not subbed is cool and all, but we have to have interest in the series and we just do not have that anymore.

Second, as of now, we have our eyes on Junji Ito: Collection next season. We don’t want to promise anything, but odds are we’re doing it. Official sub edit/tlc with the best video source we can obtain if it’s picked up officially and original tl if not, or if the subs are just that bad. You might see us doing some surprise OVAs, ONAs, movies or specials that don’t get subbed, too. We already have our eyes on a movie whenever the BD comes out assuming it doesn’t get official subs.

Other than that, we’re doing Houseki no Kuni BDs (first volume releases 12/20 with our copy supposedly arriving somewhere between 12/23 and 12/26, get hype, fam) and continuing with the Houseki no Kuni manga monthly. Oh, and we’re going back to do the chapters from 47 to wherever it gets decent with our own volume raws. Official volumes would take too long to get to that point so we’re going to do them and just hope whoever’s still interested in the series by the time the volumes come out will buy them. Support the series when it’s available in your region! plsdontsueus.

As a side note, the Skirt no Naka BD was just uploaded to U2 so we’re doing bds, as promised. The BD uploaded just contains the r18/uncut version as far as we can tell, however. We can now confirm the BD uploaded only contains the uncut version.

Onto existing projects: Made in Abyss, Tsugumomo, Parappa/PJ Berri and Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni. These will all continue as normal. Nothing is dropped. Tsugumomo’s just going to be delayed until the end of time because fuck the signs in episode 06. Also, nobody ever uploaded past volume 04, so there’s that too.

Aaaand now for everybody’s favorite part: recruitment! We’re recruiting a webmaster to make our site actually look pretty. Our website design was actually stolen from Caffeine (we have staff who were with them, so I guess it’s ok?) except more shit because they had puddi who was an actual webdev or something. But anyway, idk what actually needs to be done, but if you could at least please fix this theme’s comments, that’d be great. It’s terrible when a comment thread gets more than like 3-4 replies. We’re recruiting translators, translation checkers and an OP/ED stylist/kfxer too! Getting another tl/tlc is a long shot and we actually didn’t get any applicants from the last status update post, but an OP/ED styler/kfxer shouldn’t be asking for too much! UPDATE: We now have a kfxer but he can’t style, so we’re still looking for an OP/ED styler!  Past experience as a tl/tlc isn’t required but you will be tested. No test needed if you’re coming from an established group or have someone whom we recognize from other groups who can vouch for you. Experience for OP/ED stylist/kfxer isn’t really required but we can’t train you and you’re expected to know what you’re doing. We don’t actually see how you could style OP/EDs and/or write kfx (OK, maybe style OP/EDs but you’d have to know how to work Aegi and its markup language) if you’ve never done it before, but hey, whatever. Either just leave a comment saying you’re interested with an email in the email field you’d like us to reach you at, email us at pas.fansubs(AT)gmaildotcom or hop on IRC!

That about does it. See you guys next time!


  1. Also, just for clarity: a translation checker (TLC) is not the same thing as an editor or QC. You need to know Japanese to be a TLC.

    1. Still a no. The new series would have to actually be good (to us, anyway) for us to have interest in doing it. We already have a lot on our plate next season with our BD projects, Junji Ito Collection and the Houseki no Kuni manga. If someone wants to cover the cost of the uncut raws, I can do encodes for another group that wants to do it because that’s nothing but coming up with a filter chain and settings for the first episode then just changing the script to point to the next episode’s file every week and double clicking the encode.bat.

        1. KoolKidsK in #pa-subs on
          Just know that what you’re paying for is the cost of the web stream so I can rip it and nothing else. I’ll encode them whenever I have time but you’re not getting a translation or subs. We have no interest in translating the series. It’s just just buying access to the streams then me ripping them and encode for a group who wants to sub it. Really low effort job. I’m not actually sure how much this series will cost though. Skirt no Naka might’ve been 500 yen/”points” per episode so the cost might change per series. Omiai was 300 yen/”points” but I already canceled my subscription to the site so idk if I can sign back up.

          1. Okay, I am a derp and do not how to connect to IRC.
            Is there any way I can talk to KoolKidsK through email or something?
            And yup, I don’t mind watching it raw, no pun intended XD

    1. Whoops, your comment got caught in the spam filter. I haven’t felt like TSing Tsugumomo and idk when I ever will. The signs in episode 06 are killer to do properly.

  2. It sad that you won’t release uncut version for 25-sai no Joshikousei

    Can you at least do subs for some of these shows that did not get any subs ?! Like

    Glamorous Heroes
    Hand Shakers ep 13 (OVA)
    Twin Angel Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise!! OVA (TV series was subbed, but not the OVA)

  3. Any chance of doing the BDs for Concrete Revolutio? Had a look at the untouched official TL used in DmonHiro’s release and it was terrible.

    1. I don’t touch the scripts in my solo BD projects. I just do fancy encodes and fancy typesetting but I have no interest in either of those series. I’m not sure what my next BD project will be. I thought about Ace Attorney but while scene filtering the first episode, the signs were pretty killer.

  4. I’m translating 25-sai no Joshikousei under the tag [IBN_5100] if anyone cares about that show. First episode is up on Sukebei.

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