1. Thanks for your hard work! It looks amazing and I appreciate the restoration of their original pronouns in the anime release as well.

    1. Quick question: what’s the reasoning behind using “Bortz” instead of “Bort”? I know that Bort sounds a little wonky, but it’s the proper term for his mineral and is used on Japanese merch, while Bortz isn’t really a word.

      1. “Bortz” is apparently an alternate form of “bort,” and I just prefer it because it sounds closer to the Japanese transliteration, “borutsu.” I would be fine if he were called “boruto,” though I guess that would bring up… another problem.

        Should I change it back to “Bort”???

        1. I think “Bort” is a bit more accurate since Wikipedia gives the spellings “bort, boart or boort” for the industrial diamond, which suggests that “bortz” is a rare spelling.

          The Japanese Wikipedia page for carbonado/black diamond gives this passage: “ボルツ あるいは ボーツ (bort, boart)”. Japanese artists pretty consistently spell it as “Bort” in fanart as well. The card game bundled with vol.4 of the manga also says “BORT” in huge letters on his card, and they spelled everyone else’s names correctly so it’s unlikely to be a typo. I do agree it sounds a little weird, but sticking to the common spelling is probably the best choice.

          Btw, it’s nice that you translated Kongou as Adamant. Official releases leaving it in Romaji loses out on the “mystical unbreakable mineral” meaning.

  2. @ Crazy C:All right, I will change previous episodes back to “Bort” for batch/BD.

    The proper way to translate “kongou” would be “Vajra,” but maybe that would not be a great choice to go with, so “adamant” is about as close as we can get….

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