Houseki no Kuni – 01-03

Surprise pick up!

So we’re picking this up. Here’s the first three episodes. Excuse us while we play catch-up, which shouldn’t take too long. All that’s left for 04-05 is edit/tlc.

TLCed and edited Sentai by our passionate translator who’s read all the source material to date in Japanese.

If anybody’s curious, Sentai’s tl is pretty decent. They just seem to slip up with what the subject of a sentence is every now and then.

Video source is 1080p amazon dehardsubbed with hidive and resized to 720p. Amazon’s 1080p is bitstarved but it’s the best source available until blurays, which, hey, by the way, we’re totally doing!

TL: Sentai
TLC: 秘密ですわ
Song TL: 秘密ですわ
Edit: 秘密ですわ
Timing: KoolKidsK
TS: KoolKidsK
Encode: KoolKidsK
QC: KoolKidsK, Senna (01 only)



XDCC Triggers: !houseki01, !houseki02, !houseki03


  1. Considering how bitstarved the source is, would you consider uploading an 1080p realease as well? I didn’t want to choose between this and horriblesubs given how your edit seems better (plus karaoke is pretty nifty). Either way thank you, I’ll be picking up the BDs when they’re available for sure.

    1. Sorry, but no. We don’t see the point.

      Technical explanation: HorribleSubs rips the same bitstarved Amazon source we used for our encode. Our 720p encode is better than Amazon’s 720p encode/HS’s 720p rip. The show’s native 720p according to anibin so leaving it in 1080p would just be bloat (the OP’s in native 1080p but we don’t see the point in bloating the entire release for like a minute and a half of something a lot of viewers would skip anyway) The source has aliasing (also I think haloing but I’m not going to scene filter a TV release to fix that) that would be need to be filtered/fixed but even if you fixed it, it’d still be going from lossy to lossy like our 720p and on top of that, it’d still be 1080p and therefore bloated and most likely look worse because I believe downscaling to 720p somewhat hides how bad the source is. I could be wrong about downscaling hiding how bad the source is, not sure. Our 720p release should look better than HS/amazon’s 1080p too because we applied AA and did a light denoise and added grain to hide some banding so it saves you space and should look better too!

      1. Thank you for the explanation, I can see how it wouldn’t be worth it. Hope you’ll catch up soon, I’ll be following this show with your release from now on.

    1. We used masculine pronouns for every gem. Our translator read the entire series in JP and got the feeling that masculine was to be used. Apparently Ichikawa herself said the official pronoun in English is genderless/they/them. We’ re not actually sure if Ichikawa has strong feelings about that, but regardless, our BD releases will be dual tracks–one track with masculine pronouns and one track with genderless pronouns.

      1. Not Ichikawa herself but rather the official editors said “they/them.” Of course, the official English editors also wanted to use “gem” as a pronoun so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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