Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… – 01 [BD]

PAS: shitty basically H shows is (almost) all we do.

We didn’t like Otaku Da’s translation so we’re redoing it with an original tl and blurays. Kudos to the kind anon who bought the bd for us. Cut version coming sometime later.

MiA 01 BD coming REAL soon, hopefully, unless the second encode isn’t good enough. It would’ve been done already but the first encode we did needed changes we didn’t account for or something and encodes take some 30 hours to complete.

720p only. Details after the break if anyone actually cares.

Uncut: Torrent

Cut: later

720p only because it’s the native resolution the show was animated at. We reversed the bicubic upscaling the studio did to the bdmv and then filtered the hell out of it because the source is shit. 720p both saves your bandwidth and gives you the EXACT same picture (error percentage like 0.002% or something like that because of the artifacts introduced in the bd authoring process if you want to get technical but who cares) so long as you upscale/fullscreen it with bicubic on playback. Use a better upscaler with madvr (or apparently mpv) and you get an even better image than what’s on the disk.


  1. May of forgotten to also deband the banding as it appears in the encode as well. That is if you don’t mind that.

    1. It was debanded heavily but I (KoolKidsK) didn’t know how to get it all out without completely killing details with my limited knowledge of masking. You would not believe how shit the BD is hah. If you wanna encode it for us, do let us know! I don’t have knowledge of complex masking. You could try debanding on playback though I realize that’s not an excuse to not have it properly debanded.

      1. I’m not picky about it, I was just reading the comment and maybe I thought a debander may of not been used. I think you’ll have no choice but to use something strong. I dunno what settings you got nor what type of debander you are using and what filter program either but those were heavy banding and I sit about 10 feet away from my monitor.

        From experience and what I saw on your encode, I would probably do a GradFun3(thr=0.25,mask=0,radius=16,lsb_in=true,lsb=true) with .5 increments up to 5.5 as a starting point with some 16 bit grain to cover the rest. Not sure if you are doing it the entirety like that or preferably frame to frame. The rest looks fine to me even nice grain retention.

    1. Whoops, this comment got caught in the spam filter. Sorry about that. No updates on it. I’m having to look into a way to properly encode it but with the help of our friend Zastin, I think we got it. It’s not dropped, though. Releases’ll just take a while because we have other stuff we’d rather be working on when we actually have time to work on stuff.

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