Project Updates, Announcement, Recruiting Translators

Lemme take a minute to make a post about the current status of the group,  group projects, announce a thing or two and say some stuff now that we have an actual site that we can use as a hub to get all information out and don’t have to keep copy/pasting into every torrent description on Nyaa whenever we want to get something out there. Oh and this is written by KoolKidsK.


First up because it’s most important: recruitment of translators.

PAS is recruiting translators. If you’re already a translator or someone who just happens to be able to accurately translate Japanese, please hit us up! Our only translator is very busy nowadays. We mainly just want to translate shows that either don’t get picked up by CR/FUNi/Sentai or receive God-awful translations each season. If the translation isn’t entirely garbage, we could probably just do a TLC edit as well.

Hit us up by either posting in comments with an email  you’d like us to reach you at in the email field,  emailing us directly at pas.fansubs(AT)gmaildotcom, or hit us up on IRC.

Note that you will most likely be tested if you either have no previous work to show us or have nobody currently in the fansub scene to vouch for you. Oh, and contrary to what people might assume, we don’t just sub ecchi shows. No work is expected of you if you don’t want to do something. We do whatever you want to do, basically. You’re expected to finish what you start, however.


Speaking of projects, next up is our current project lineup.

Our current lineup of projects is as follows.


  • Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji (original TL)
  • PJ Berri no Mogumogu Munyamunya S1/S2 (original TL)


  • Tsugumomo (CR base, no main script changes, just fansub essentials)
  • Made in Abyss (Scum base probably, edit and TLC)
  • Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… (if we can procure BDs, also original TL)

If the project isn’t on here, consider it dropped.


Something you probably didn’t expect to be on the list: Made in Abyss BDs. Our translator wants to do them because they felt none of the scripts currently out were any good, English/editing-wise (the translation should be fine though)

The BDs are being released in two BD boxes. The first of which comes out October 25th. We hope you look forward to it! Oh and if you actually really know what you’re doing and want to encode the BDs, hit us up. I’d probably be able to handle it just fine but still.


As for Souryo to Majiwaru BDs, we’ve been asked a couple times and our translator wants to sub them; however, we don’t see the point in doing it off the uncensored webrips now that the bluray is out. If you could either

a) buy the BD and supply us with the BDMV, or
b) crowd-source the cost of the BD (currently ¥6,597 (~$58.79 USD) on via donations so we could buy and rip it ourselves

then we’ll sub it with an original translation. You can donate at [link removed] via debit or if you’d rather donate via Paypal, you can leave a comment and fill out the email field and we’ll get back to you with a link or just come on IRC and we’ll give you a Paypal donation link.

There is a spreadsheet for full transparency here
Link will be removed once we have the funds for BD.

If you donated and your donation was not put on the spreadsheet, comment one of our latest releases ON NYAA with proof. Why Nyaa? We can’t delete comments from Nyaa. Everyone would be forced to see it and we could do nothing about it.

We genuinely do not believe in fansubbing for profit.

If, for whatever reason, we get excess funds before we can remove the link, they will be used to cover the cost of the uncensored webstreams of Omiai (they cost us like $3 USD from Comic Festa’s site per week out of our own pocket)

BD funded. Thank you kind anon!


On the topic of batches: Skirt batch stalled at editor and translator. No ETA.


Next up: Parappa/PJ Berri status.

So, PJ Berri aired as a part of a segment of a 3DPD/live-action uh, variety show, I guess you could say? The show was called #ハイ_ポール and aired really late at night on FujiTV. That show ended on 9/28. We have no idea what’s going on with PJ Berri now. We have every aired episode of season two translated, though. We’re now shifting our focus to season one. As you can see in the sidebar to the left, it’s now at TLC.


That about does it. Have a picture of best girl in DRV3 for making it this far.



(picture credits to “nattouh”)


      1. If you can find us a translator who both
        A) is capable of passing our translation test
        B) wants to work on the series
        then quite possibly!

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